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What can I do with the ashes?

stolen ashes

Arthur Robinson, a New Jersey widower, is pleading with burglars to return the wooden box containing ashes of his wife.

I was recently reading about a home burglary where the bad guys made off with flat screen TV’s, computers, ipads and other valuables; all of which are replaceable.   They also took something that is irreplaceable…they stole the victim’s mother’s ashes.  The cremains were in an urn that was originally selected because of its beauty and the thieves probably thought it was worth something to his “buyer”.

Horrible!  That was the first thought that came to my mind.  Then, sadness as the urn and mom could have been placed in a permanent resting place at Calumet Park Cemetery.  There are many choices at Calumet for ashes (cremains), from glass front niches at the original mausoleum, to ground burial in any section of the cemetery.  For veterans, besides being interred in the ground, there is a new columbarium with kneeling soldier on top praying before a cross.  There is a back to nature section that meets the needs of the outdoorsy type of family and a second columbarium for non-vets.  In the mausoleums, there are niches, and there are even some in-ground niches called cremorials that many be chosen.

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The point is to consider a permanent, safe placement of those you love who wanted cremation.  Have a place to visit, and remember the good times and not live forever in pain should the cremains be lost or stolen.  It is a nice notion to have your loved one’s ashes at home, but what happens when the second and third generation comes along?  What happens to the ashes then?  For many, it is a sad trip to the garbage or tossed away as though the person never lived.


Call us (769-8803) for an appointment to visit Calumet Park and explore the possibilities, or stop in.  Find out more on our website by going to calumetparkcemetery.com.

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