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Need a safe place to jog, walk or bicycle…?

Calumet Park Cemetery, at the corner of 73rd and Taft in Merrillville, is an ideal place to do your favorite aerobic workout.  There are five miles of paved roads that allow for variety as the roads form a unique pattern.

cemetery mapCalumet Park is open daily from dawn until dusk.  For your next work-out, stop by and join other like-minded people.  When it comes to having a clean, safe and quiet environment in which to get into shape or stay in shape, Calumet Park is the place.  We do request that you do not bring your dog as the families who have chosen Calumet Park as the final resting place for themselves and their loved ones do not wish to clean up after that part of “nature’s wonder”.  See you there!

For more info or directions, call 769-8803 or go to calumetparkcemetery.com


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