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Lets go shopping for graves and caskets…

“Let’s go grave and casket shopping.”

Did you ever wake up on a bright, warm sunny spring day and turn to your husband or wife and say “What a nice day.  Let’s go grave and casket shopping.”?

Probably never is my guess.  Nobody likes to think about death in general, and specifically, their own death.  For many families, discussing one’s own mortality would not show up on a list of their top 100 things to talk about this week.  Until a death occurs.  Then, making cemetery and funeral arrangements jumps sorrowfully to number one on the list.

By pre-planning for your funeral and cemetery needs, you can relieve your family of having to make important financial decisions during a period of great stress and grief…a time when people aren’t thinking very clearly and may not know what to do because you never made your wishes known.

It’s easy to say, “Throw me in a bag in bury me in the woods,” which is a direct quote I heard once from a husband who was dragged by his wife to the cemetery to look into prearranging for their final wishes.  It was good for a laugh, but even he knew that his comment had zero merit.  But it is important to realize that the ritual of a funeral and/or memorial service isn’t for the deceased but for the living. It is a time when friends and family can gather together to grieve openly and to provide support for one another.

Pre-planning your funeral may be very informal, and as simple as filling out a Family Estate Planning Kit that is free from Calumet Park for the asking, and sharing your wishes with a family member. More formal arrangements in the form of a preneed contract can be set up with a Family Service Counselor or funeral director at Calumet Park Cemetery, Calumet Park Funeral Chapel in Hobart or Merrillville, or Rendina Funeral Home in Gary.  You can design exactly what meets your needs and financial situation.

And for those who want to relieve their family of the financial burden that goes along with making cemetery and funeral arrangements, you can take advantage of Calumet Park’s no interest payment plan that allows one to freeze the price and have their money trusted until needed at 1st Source Bank in Valparaiso.

Pre-planning, when done properly, can provide you with peace of mind because you know that your arrangements are ready when needed, and pre-funded, which means no worries about getting what you want if a death occurs unexpectedly and your bank account is not sufficient to meet the costs of even a simple funeral.  As with nearly all products and services, inflation drives the cost of funerals up yearly.  Preplanning and prefunding your final wishes ensures that your funeral is paid for at today’s prices.

While many people assume savings or life insurance will cover their final expenses, funerals must be paid for upfront, while many life insurance policies or bank accounts are not accessible to families until well after the funeral services are rendered.



By pre-planning your final wishes, you can:

  • make all the arrangements during a time of peace and not leave them to your family during their time of grief
  • make your wishes known
  • control the cost of your funeral and protect from inflation
  • ensure that personal records are organized and easy for your survivors to locate
  • protect your insurance so that it provides for your survivors and not for funeral expenses
  • provide protection in case the need arises before it is expected

Most people are not aware that over 150 decisions and tasks must be completed within the first 24-48 hours after an individual’s passing.  By arranging ahead of time, you can ensure that your loved ones will not have to wrestle over those details and decisions during their time of emotional upheaval.   The opportunity to know that everything is taken care of will allow proper remembrance and the first steps of healing.

All of your arrangements are guaranteed with Calumet Park and Affiliates preneed program and will be carried out just as you have directed.  You and your family will feel comfortable knowing that, when the need arises, all is taken care of and they can spend time celebrating a life that was lived and leave the grieving to the future.  Few people ever get over the loss of a loved one but a funeral helps to transition from life with a loved one to life after a loved one passes.

Pick up your phone today and call 219-769-8803 to speak to one of our professional and caring Family Service Counselors or funeral directors.  You have nothing to lose by at least allowing yourself a little time to have your questions answered, and if the answers meet your needs, you can make it possible for you and your loved ones to never have to talk about the subject again…until a death forces you to face the issue.  Be like so many of your neighbors who say “It is better to have it taken care of and not need it than to need it and not have it!”


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What happens when you meet with a funeral director to make funeral arrangements?


Meet with your funeral director to plan the funeral.

– Your funeral director will gather information to help you design a final good-bye in keeping with both

your needs and your emotional and financial well-being.

– Your funeral director will gather personal information to help process all the legal requirements for the

funeral to proceed, including a burial permit and death certificates.

– Arrange for the date and times for visitation and final committal service with the cemetery and church.

funeral service photos from aurora 113

– Prepare and place obituary and death notices and help in applying for death benefits from social

security, the veterans, insurance etc. as applicable.

– Arrange for clergy, pallbearers, personnel for a military funeral, and other participants in the funeral

service, along with producing car lists etc.


– Explain merchandise options to help you select merchandise, such as a casket, vault, and paper goods,

such as a register book and prayer cards.

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– Arrange flowers, whether from our elegant silk rental flower inventory or from a florist. Advise you

on personalization of the funeral service, from photo boards, memory tables, music to food/drink ideas.

funeral service photos from aurora 091

vet funeral set up

– Help you decide on the best payment option for your circumstances.

A clear explanation of what to expect during the next few days:

– When to arrive for the first viewing.

– What to expect during the public visitation.

– What will be done after the service with flowers, cards, the photo blanket, the DVD, etc.

that are received.


– Any items of information you will need to bring to the funeral home, including clothing

for the deceased.

– Inventory of personal possessions of the deceased, along with what is to remain with them

and what is to be returned to you.

– You will be given an explanation of the parting ceremony, the closing of the casket, the funeral

procession, church service if desired, and what will take place at the graveside committal

service up to and including the dismissal at the end of the ceremony.


– You will be asked to go to your cemetery of choice to verify the grave to be used when you have property, or to select a final resting place.  The cemetery will have some papers for you to sign that ensures the interment, entombment or inurnment is handled with respect and within the laws of the State of Indiana.  They will establish two important protocols:  who has the right of disposition and who has the right to allow a grave, crypt or niche to be used for final placement of mortal remains.

Calumet Park Main Office at the corner of 73rd Avenue and Taft Street in Merrillville

Calumet Park Main Office at the corner of 73rd Avenue and Taft Street in Merrillville

Let our kind and caring funeral staff at both Calumet Park Funeral Chapel and Rendina Funeral Home help you through your time of need.

Let our kind and caring funeral staff at both Calumet Park Funeral Chapel and Rendina Funeral Home help you through your time of need.

For more information, go to calumetparkcemetery.com or call 736-5840 for Calumet Park Funeral Chapel and 980-1141 for Rendina Funeral Home.

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