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From the archives….

2017-02-03-20-18-22Found in the archives, the invitation that was sent out for the dedication of the Catholic Sections from back in 1933.  Calumet Park, always and still family owned and operated.

2017-02-03-20-18-47 2017-02-03-20-18-54From its humble beginnings in 1928, Calumet Park has grown to be one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the country.  Besides the cemetery, Calumet Park now owns and operates two crematories and three funeral homes:  Calumet Park Funeral Chapel in Merrillville, Rendina Funeral Home in Gary and Calumet Park Funeral Chapel and Crematory in Hobart.

For information on pre-planning your cemetery and funeral arrangements, call 219-769-8803 or stop in for a tour of any of our facilities.  Find out more about us by reading some of the posts in this blog or go to http://calumetparkcemetery.com

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Tony Rendina honored at retirement dinner given is his honor…

On December 2, Tony Rendina and his brothers, Romeo and Vince joined with friends and family to celebrate his official retirement.  A dinner party was held at Innsbrook Country Club in Merrillville, Indiana arranged by Calumet Park Cemetery, Calumet Park Funeral Chapel and Rendina Funeral Home.   Calumet Park invested in Rendina Funeral Home to partner with Tony and his family back in April of 2014 and will now fully own and operate Rendina Funeral Home.























Rendina Funeral Home has been completely remodeled and is managed by Michelle Hanrahan.  Taylor Wise, funeral director, works closely with Michelle and Kim Jones, owner and funeral director, to ensure that the tradition of great service to the family will continue as has been accomplished since Tony and his family started Rendina back in 1961.  Thank you Tony and have a great retirement.

For info on preplanning, call 980-1141.

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Today is……



There are a minimum of 28 days that are universally accepted as “special days” in the United States each year. From New Year’s Day to Christmas, there is something happening in every month except August. For whatever reason, August gets labeled as the “Dog Days of August”.


Add to these 28 birthdays and anniversaries, and the 365 day year that begins every January 1 is filled with fun and interesting things to look forward to all year long.

society - anniversaries

There are different kinds of anniversaries: the date you met your significant other, wedding anniversaries, the date you got your dog or cat or goldfish, the year you bought your house, when you started a job, and so many more. You name it and you can have an anniversary for it, from the first pop top can to a last cigarette, and sadly, since the death of a loved one.

And nothing is more final than the last time you saw a person alive, and the immediate creation of an unwanted anniversary in your life as in “it is the 10th anniversary of Dad’s death”. For some, that final day to be remembered was as simple as “have a good day at school” and the punch in the gut when told of the school shooting, and that your child would never come home again. For others, the last breath was a whispered “I love you” from a hospital bed followed immediately by the coldness of death as it pushed your loved one’s soul from their body.

So, where is this article going because I do not like where it is right now? One thousand nine hundred and eighty two years ago began an anniversary that changed the world for all of us. That was the year that Jesus as man left the world, body and spirit, and gave us all a chance to have hope in our lives. On April 5th, we celebrate the anniversary of the first Easter Sunday. It is this day that is celebrated by Christians as the day that heaven’s gates were once again open for believers.


Somewhere along the lines, the beauty and importance of the moment got tangled up with bunnies and chocolate and Easter eggs, which are fun, but it is not the reason that Easter shows up on the secular calendar as one of the 28 recognized holidays in this country. The sacrifice made on the preceding Friday of that first Easter, on the cross, was the day that all was forgiven. That was the day that God accepted all of humanity back to His loving embrace.


Hope is the one thing that we need as humans. Take away hope and all is lost. Think of times in your own life where you felt hopeless, and you will instantly recall the relief you felt when the outcome of the event gave life once again…hope that there will be good days ahead.  I remember one of my worst moments in my earlier years. I was a very good athlete heading to being possibly great when I broke a wrist in football. I wanted to play basketball so I did not tell the coach until after basketball season and by then the split bone was so damaged that my “skilled position” sports (football, basketball, baseball) career was over. That was a devastating thing to hear as a young teen.

hope bird_Resized_521x245

However two years later and two years of wearing a cast broadened my outlook. My grades dramatically improved, my interests spread out in all directions, my social skills were improved and I saw hope in the bigger picture of life versus the microscopic view of throwing a ball. The blessing was that I discovered parts of life that would maybe never have been learned had sports been my only area of focus. Perhaps there was Divine Intervention at the time meant to dash a hope of being a star that would more than likely never come to fruition to being a well-rounded person able to find doors leading to real-life solutions to problems instead of leaping tall buildings in a single bound. Superman is fiction…just as my view of Super Dan.


God had other plans, and He guided me to a life that has been full of faith in the unknown and the ability to trust in someone bigger than my own ego…Jesus. So, I am sure to eat my share of chocolate on Easter, but my heart is filled with appreciation for the ultimate sacrifice made by the man on the cross so many years ago. But in time as defined by eternity, a blink of an eye and here we are thankful for the anniversary of Easter, and faith that God has not forgotten little old me and guess what, He has not forgotten you either.

Happy Easter to all and I pray you will find your hope in the giver of all hope.

Simple voice wishing me a good morning on my way to work.  We only have to look and listen.

Simple voice wishing me a good morning on my way to work. We only have to look and listen.

For information on prearranging for your cemetery or funeral needs, please call 219-769-8803.

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Leslie Vogel…may this great lady rest in peace.

Leslie L. Vogel as a beautiful bride.

Leslie L. Vogel as a beautiful bride.

2013-10-23 05.49.25

2013-10-23 05.55.03

 Know this...you are loved and will be remembered all the days of our lives.

Know this…you are loved and will be remembered all the days of our lives.

Goodbye for now...look down upon us until we meet again.

Goodbye for now…look down upon us until we meet again…and let the joy you shared on earth fill the heavens with your arrival.

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It seemed so important at the time…


The holidays can be a time of supreme joy, or a time of extreme pain and loneliness. As anyone who works in the death care industry will tell you, their days are filled with extremes. As you read this article, 2014 is all but a memory.  For some, there were babies born in 2014 and were held and coddled by family and friends. Many people found new jobs, or got pay raises that were higher than expected. Graduations happened at all levels, and miracles of recovery have taken place in hospitals across the region. People who did not even know each other last year at this time found true love and many of these romances blossomed into marriage proposals. For some, weddings have been their highlight for the year,  and the circle of life goes on.


For others, without enumerating each and every “opposite”, 2014 was not a good year. Sadly, many people passed away in 2014. Most were hard working, caring, loving and gentle people. All ages, colors, races, religions and creeds were taken from this life. No matter what a person may have accumulated by way of material things during their time on earth, all was lost when they sighed their last breath. Things that seemed so important, like the new car, fancy house at the right address, stylish clothes or all of their I-things (I-pad and I-phone) are no longer important to them. What seems so important when we are in the moment loses all significance when our moments are over.  When God hits the delete button on His computer, we are deleted from this earthly plane.


I remember when my stepfather died a few years ago. As happens in many cases, families come together to say their goodbyes, and reunions occur that would happen for no other reason but for the death.  After my wife and I lingered and had some good fellowship with people that I had not seen for years, we went to my stepfather’s house (my mother had passed years before) and the entire clan was there. In our case, the clan consisted of eight kids born of my mother and five kids from my stepfather’s life before mom. When I say kids, I mean all ages…all adults.

trashed home

What was interesting to me was how the house almost looked ransacked as all of the “kids” went from room to room and took the things that were important to them. One of the kids was to be the executor of the estate and he asked that everyone come get what they wanted before he cleaned out the house to be made ready for selling.  His word was taken as gospel as the brothers and sisters went treasure hunting.

By the time we got there, there were but a few trinkets left; mostly souvenir-type stuff from trips to NYC or Florida. What seemed so important at the time, important enough to buy a souvenir to remember the trip by, became junk that nobody wanted after those two lives were ended.


All the memories that caused these symbols to be purchased died when those left behind lost interest.

So, what is the point to this story? One year is coming to an end and a new year lies before us. What stories and achievements and goals and promises will you be talking about when 2015 draws to an end? What are the important things that will become part of the legacy you will leave behind when the year comes that marks the year of your passing? For some, the inventory of their life will be made during this next twelve months. For others, it may be 50 or 60 years from now but come it must.

So, the death of 2014 is about to happen. Good or bad, our decisions that got us to today are our reality. The great thing about the gift of life is that we can exchange it for something better. We can all make our resolutions for 2015, and for the most part, our new year will be determined by the choices we make now, and each day that we are blessed with another sunrise. So, I propose that we all find that one thing that will make us a better person, and concentrate on that. Loving others is a great goal. When you wake up each day, say a prayer for help in being the most kind and loving person you can be, and spend the rest of the day being that person.   Don’t worry if you fail, or do just a little better, or even do a little worse. At the end of the day, review how the day went and set your goals for a better tomorrow.


If we could all be just a little kinder, a little more patient, a little more helpful to those we meet, it is possible to build our own little Utopia. We can sleep the sleep of the innocent when we do our best to be the best we can be. Like the baby learning to walk, we will fall many times. The baby never stops until walking is second nature and running is fun. Let us all learn to run for the new year. It costs so little to do the little extras for those we meet, whether friend, family or foe. My personal motto is to let God take care of judging others. Let me kill my enemies with kindness. And isn’t that a nice way to go?

Joy_will_have_the_last_word, Lake_Winnipesaukie_fall, Nouwen_quotation_picture, praise_image

And Lord, when I slip and start to judge, as I surely will, please nudge me back to my resolution of being a better person.  Happy New Year to all, and feel free to pass this on to your friends and relatives.

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Socks and miracles…


I remember that it was bitterly cold that morning.   By the time I walked down the steps with my brothers and sisters, the snow was already to my thighs.  The wind blew our breath back into our faces and we felt like we couldn’t go on…almost.  With our heads down, we plodded onward  There were no snow days in Salamanca back in the mid-50’s.

I was only six that winter.  There were five kids in the family and as time would pass, the number would increase to a total of eight Moran kids of various ages and shapes and sizes, but that winter, I was the youngest school age child of Betty and Mike.  Looking back, there is so little of those early years that I remember, but for some reason, putting socks on my hands to ward off the cold has stayed with me.

That’s right!  Socks.  We were very poor back then.   My dad was a housepainter, and who wants their house painted in the dead of winter?   It seemed that Christmas was always lacking in big, fancy toys under the tree.  But we didn’t know, as kids, what being poor or being middle class were; let alone the concept of some people being rich.  I am not even sure if there were such creatures in that small town in upstate New York back then…rich, I mean.   At least, we didn’t know any rich folk.


Salamanca was a very small town; some would say quaint in today’s terminology.  There was a main street that ran but a few blocks, with a movie house at one end and a ragged train station at the other with a few shops in-between.  How we loved the train station, though, as there was a penny candy glass case there that we would press our noses against on our way home from school.  Once in a while, some grown-up would flip us a nickel and it was as though we won the lottery.   It was an odd little town as it was located on Seneca Indian land that was leased to the townspeople, so people could own their buildings but not the land on which they sat.  But I digress.

Socks.  The memory of that winter’s day may stick with me as it was a day that started out so freakishly cold to the little boy with freckles and big ears.  Imagine seeing a child (children, but this is my Matchstick Story for Christmas) with no hat and uncut hair blowing in the wind.  A threadbare, hand-me-down coat and no boots offered little protection from the nasty weather.   I remember walking backwards as a means of moving forward as it was just too much for me to make any progress walking directly into winter’s onslaught.


I remember it was hard to make a snowball without a thumb as my tiny hands were completely closed in with my socks-for-mittens ensemble.  As a small cadre of Moran kids plowing forward towards the warmth of our school, we surely made quite a site.  Somehow, and without too many long lasting psychological scars from poverty, we managed to grow up and raise families of our own, but at that time and that place, trying to keep from freezing was our immediate goal.

And one day, the miracle happened.  At least to us it seemed like a miracle.  My mother got a call from the “big store”, the two story department store at the end of Main.  It seemed that a person, who wished to remain anonymous, instructed the store to contact the “socks” family.  The store was to invite the family in, and treat them with absolute respect.  Each child was to choose whatever coat, hat, mittens, boots and scarves that suited their fancy, and he (or she, come to think of it after all these years) would pay for everything.


You would have thought that the Moran’s succeeded in finding the proverbially bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Real to goodness winter clothes, all for our very own and never having been worn by anyone else.  It had enough of an impact on me that I still think of those “socks-on-the-hands” days of yesteryear, some 59+ years later.  The kindness and generosity of one person for the plight of others was not even part of my ability to understand as such a small boy.  All I knew was that I dared it to snow and blow the rest of that year because little Danny Moran was ready!

Mother and daughter making snow angels

I understand that in this day and age, a time when there is a store to meet every person’s financial profile, from Goodwill to Bloomingdales, that we seldom hear of kids who do not have mittens to shield them from the cold. The key is that we seldom hear of such kids, but let me assure you, they are still out there.  Some of them may live in your neighborhood.  Oh, they act tough and go out without any protection against the cold, trying to act cool.  Sadly, they are just that.  Cool to freezing.

My point?  When you see an angel tree at a church or bank or wherever, pull one of the angels off and get the toy shown, and maybe go a little overboard and wrap up some age-appropriate hats and mitts too.  Or give to the next person who volunteers their time to raise funds for the kids in your city or town.  Most police departments take kids shopping, and need your help financially.  Twenty bucks to you and me may seem like chump change, but you have the power to create a miracle for some big-eared, freckle faced kid who will truly appreciate your act of kindness and generosity.  You can change a life with a simple act of kindness.

angel tree

There is a Toys-For-Tots box at Calumet Park Cemetery, Funeral Chapel and Rendina Funeral Home.  Drop off a present and if you can, a couple of pairs of gloves or mittens would not be refused.  If it is not being to presumptuous, new would be nice.  And let me thank that Salamanca savior once more.


Merry Christmas to all.  And don’t forget the reason for the season…Happy Birthday to the Lord, Jesus.

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What happens when you meet with a funeral director to make funeral arrangements?


Meet with your funeral director to plan the funeral.

– Your funeral director will gather information to help you design a final good-bye in keeping with both

your needs and your emotional and financial well-being.

– Your funeral director will gather personal information to help process all the legal requirements for the

funeral to proceed, including a burial permit and death certificates.

– Arrange for the date and times for visitation and final committal service with the cemetery and church.

funeral service photos from aurora 113

– Prepare and place obituary and death notices and help in applying for death benefits from social

security, the veterans, insurance etc. as applicable.

– Arrange for clergy, pallbearers, personnel for a military funeral, and other participants in the funeral

service, along with producing car lists etc.


– Explain merchandise options to help you select merchandise, such as a casket, vault, and paper goods,

such as a register book and prayer cards.

2012-10-02 08.36.47

– Arrange flowers, whether from our elegant silk rental flower inventory or from a florist. Advise you

on personalization of the funeral service, from photo boards, memory tables, music to food/drink ideas.

funeral service photos from aurora 091

vet funeral set up

– Help you decide on the best payment option for your circumstances.

A clear explanation of what to expect during the next few days:

– When to arrive for the first viewing.

– What to expect during the public visitation.

– What will be done after the service with flowers, cards, the photo blanket, the DVD, etc.

that are received.


– Any items of information you will need to bring to the funeral home, including clothing

for the deceased.

– Inventory of personal possessions of the deceased, along with what is to remain with them

and what is to be returned to you.

– You will be given an explanation of the parting ceremony, the closing of the casket, the funeral

procession, church service if desired, and what will take place at the graveside committal

service up to and including the dismissal at the end of the ceremony.


– You will be asked to go to your cemetery of choice to verify the grave to be used when you have property, or to select a final resting place.  The cemetery will have some papers for you to sign that ensures the interment, entombment or inurnment is handled with respect and within the laws of the State of Indiana.  They will establish two important protocols:  who has the right of disposition and who has the right to allow a grave, crypt or niche to be used for final placement of mortal remains.

Calumet Park Main Office at the corner of 73rd Avenue and Taft Street in Merrillville

Calumet Park Main Office at the corner of 73rd Avenue and Taft Street in Merrillville

Let our kind and caring funeral staff at both Calumet Park Funeral Chapel and Rendina Funeral Home help you through your time of need.

Let our kind and caring funeral staff at both Calumet Park Funeral Chapel and Rendina Funeral Home help you through your time of need.

For more information, go to calumetparkcemetery.com or call 736-5840 for Calumet Park Funeral Chapel and 980-1141 for Rendina Funeral Home.

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Who can use the Harley Hearse at Calumet Park…..

harley hearse 2

Even though the Harley Hearse has yet to make its debut as a traditional hearse alternative, there has been a very strong reaction from the public in favor of this concept.  It should be noted that this hearse may only be used when a family chooses Calumet Park Funeral Chapel (Calumet Park’s funeral home) as their place of service.  

Even though a family may have their cemetery property at Calumet Park, the Harley Hearse is part of the funeral home experience.  It is our goal to make life easier and better for a family by creating a complete funeral experience with Calumet Park as the organizer of this special time.  So, if you like the idea of using this unique ride to your cemetery, call us and make your wishes known by prearranging with Calumet Park Funeral Chapel.  Note:  If you use Calumet Park Funeral Chapel and choose a cemetery other than Calumet Park, you will be able to experience the Harley Hearse farewell ride.  Call 219-769-8803 or go to calumetparkcemetery.com

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Hey, Boss, there is never a good time to sell…

sales meeting

Hey Boss, there is never a good time to sell…

January – nobody buys in January, Boss.  That’s when the bills for Christmas come in.

February – hey, that’s the month for love with Valentine’s Day right smack dab in the middle, so nobody is going to buy cemetery property then.

March –  Come on!  Be real.  Everyone knows that March is for drinking.  Heck, we’re all Irish on St. Patty’s Day.  If you’re not selling green beer or corned beef and cabbage, nobody’s buyin’!

April – Boss, I try to talk to people in April about their funeral and all I get back is “April Fools”.   They just ain’t buyin’ what I’m sellin’ Mr. Bossman.

May – Mother’s Day!  ‘Nuff said!  All the ‘expendable income”  of the entire universe is spent each year on Mom for mother’s day…that’s common knowledge.

June – Boss, it’s hard for me to tell anyone  they can’t buy a little something for Dad when they just did so much for Mom.  But don’t worry Boss, next month I’ll bring you some cemetery and funeral pre-need contracts.

July – Snap! Boom!  Bang!  Shucks Boss, I forgot that the nation’s birthday is in July, and people would rather spend their extra cash on fireworks than worry about buying a grave.  Ah…July 4th…baseball, hot dogs and mom’s apple pie.

August – the dog days of August?  There’s not a holiday in August, and I get that…but the heat and humidity…nobody wants to do nothin’ in that kind of ungodly weather.  Besides, the kids will be going back to school soon and people have to save their money for book rentals, and school clothes and all that kind of stuff.  You understand, don’t you, Boss?  People have other things on their mind in August.

September – Got to start getting ready for fall and winter.  Kids are in school and families need to get those credit card bills in to see if they can fit more purchases in their budget.

October – Sweet, cool October.  The leaves change colors.  Halloween is coming.  Costumes and candy.  I am sure November will look brighter, Boss.  I’ll bring in some pre-need sales then.  But right now?  Trick or treat!  Candy corn anyone?

November – Ouch.  My-bad!  I forgot that Thanksgiving is in November.  People want to thank God for their life and health and jobs etc.  They don’t want to discuss death – especially their own.  December, that will be my month.  I love December.  Too cold for people to go out so I got them just where I want them, Boss.  You wait and see.  I will turn in some good stuff in December.

December – Christmas!  Sorry, December is full of good cheer, and parties and football and parties and presents.  All I hear is “Call us next month”.  I am sure to have a great January, Boss.

So, the fact is, regardless of what a person may be selling, there is never a good time to sell.  Why? Because nobody wants to be sold anything.  However, everyone loves to buy.  It is part of the responsibility of a good family service counselor at Calumet Park Cemetery to get in front of as many people as possible to share the story of all that is involved when making cemetery and funeral arrangements.   And the best time is before someone is forced to be in the position of having to make such purchases.

Sadly, there is never a hiatus on obituary placements.  People die every day; even on holidays.  To my knowledge there is only one person who ever walked the earth that did not need to pre-need and even He used Joseph of Arimathea’s tomb for three days before He went on to Heaven.

It is always amazing when you think about it that we all have lots of insurance for protection against loss, just in case…for things that might happen.  Just in case I have a fire, I have homeowner’s insurance and liability insurance.  Just in case… I have car insurance and health insurance and life insurance in case I have an accident, or get sick or die.  In the course of all of our lifetimes, we spend tens of thousands of dollars on insuring against something that might happen to us but the only guarantee other than taxes is death, and few of us protect our families against overspending when that day comes.

Life insurance is for the living; to let those we love continue on with the lifestyle we provided when we were alive.  It was not purchased and paid for religiously so a big chunk of it would go to our final expenses.  With prices as they are today ($12-15,000 for cemetery and funeral arrangements), it would be smarter to work with Calumet Park to put together exactly what you want as your final goodbye, and pay for it interest free on our monthly payment plan.  In five years or less you could have everything taken care of and enjoy living with the knowledge that you truly took care of things in life and even after you leave this world.

As a teacher and coach of our family service staff, my goal is to help our counselors understand that we are not selling anything.  Their job is to educate families as to choices and programs that will never be truly appreciated until a death occurs.  When a family that has taken the time to prearrange their cemetery and funeral needs faces the painful day of the loss of a loved one, it is quickly realized by all that they did the right thing when they sat down and discovered what would be involved in making such arrangements…and then had the courage to act.

When a family service counselor understands that he or she is not selling a useless commodity but rather helping solve real problems for real people, they become almost like missionaries.  Not everybody wants to hear preachers quoting bible verses to them.  However, when illness or life-threatening accidents are visited upon them or their families, those verses come alive as they reach out for help in their time of greatest need.  It has been said that there are few atheists in a foxhole during war. Similarly, few of us want to listen to a cemetery salesman who preaches death and dying, yet when death occurs, they discover what might have been had they taken the time to visit with a funeral director or family service counselor before their time of need.

So, if I were the Great Oz and you came to me for advice, and when our family service counselor gives me all the excuses as to why they can’t sell anything, my Great and Mighty Oz advice to both of you would be that counselors and funeral directors jobs are to dispense knowledge and it is the wise individual that hears and believes.  I have never in 20 plus years of being in the cemetery biz had anyone come to me after the fact and say that they regretted prearranging.  In contrast, what is said over and over again is that people wished they had prearranged their cemetery and funeral needs.

So, if you would like to set up a free, private meeting with one of our family service counselors, you need only call and you will be able to set up a time that all your questions may be asked and answered.  Or, if you would like to do a little preliminary research on your own, go to our website (www.calumetparkcemetery.com) or like us on facebook at mycalumetpark where you will find over 180 stories and ideas that may help you in your search of answers about final arrangements.  This facebook blog will help you put together the questions you want answered when you do decide to meet with us.  In fact, the Fall Newsletter was just posted on mycalumetpark and there is some important information concerning veterans’ programs that are unique to Calumet Park.  If you are a vet, or you know a vet, it would benefit you greatly to visit mycalumetpark, or if you do not use a computer, call us at once before you do anything with anyone as you will be shocked in a good way as to all that is available to you as Calumet Park’s way of saying thanks for your sacrifice as a person who wore the uniform of this nations’ military.


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Calumet Park Funeral Chapel’s Sherry Williams wins coveted runner-up spot as funeral director of the year

Sherry Williams, Managing Funeral Director at Calumet Park Funeral Chapel in Merrillville, Indiana was voted runner-up as the funeral director of the year by American Funeral Director magazine for 2012.  American Funeral Director is a 135 year old national trade magazine specializing in stories and educational pieces for funeral directors around the world.

      The photo of Sherry above is at Calumet Park’s annual hayride, a community event held each fall for kids 10 and under.  The hayride and the annual angel tree lighting ceremony, coming up on December 1, are just a couple of examples of Sherry’s hand in organizing community events that serve as both fun and healing for the families in the region who have suffered a loss, whether they used Calumet Park or not.

The second insert show above is from the magazine as they put into words what Sherry’s families already know…Calumet Park and Sherry Williams are synonomous with perfection when it comes to helping families through one of life’s most difficult challenges…the loss of a loved one.

For more info, go to calumetparkcemetery.com or call 219-769-8803.

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