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The ten best…the ten worst…ten biggest…smallest….

12 months happy new year

Are you tired of hearing about all the “Top 10s” of 2013 yet?  It seemed like almost every TV and radio station offered up their opinion as to what were the biggest, the best, the brightest and the worst stories for the year just ended.

Depending on your interests, there were tales of glory on and off the playing field and lists of political highlights, health news, economic doomsday reports and anything else that caught your fancy.  A push of a remote or the swish of a finger across an iPhone was all that was necessary to find something that would hold your attention for more than a few seconds.

How often have you caught yourself saying “it seems like just yesterday” as you are reminded of a time or a place that lives in your memory? It sometimes feels like the world is spinning faster and faster and you just want to scream “Stop, I need to catch my breath.” Instead, a baby is born, a young girl gets her first kiss from someone who is not her mom or dad, wedding bells chime, jobs come and go and we just do our best to hang on.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that as one ages there are more days behind us and less in front of us. We want to cram a lifetime of living in the little time we have left on this earth.

I can remember as clear as day the time that I scored 52 points in one game of basketball—and that was before there was such a thing as a three point play.  I can still smell the sweat and feel my heart beat like a drummer playing “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” as those in the stands chanted my name.  It was beautiful and exciting and it was long, long ago…50 years to be exact.

My clever and personal way that I proposed to my wife had to have been just a short couple of years ago as I can sense the sweet moment with just a closing of my eyes.  And yet 28 years have passed since we said I do.  The two greatest miracles of my life–when my two daughters were born just 15 months apart–happened in 1988 and 1990. But in my heart, it seems like just yesterday.

However, ask me what I had for lunch on Monday and my sense of recall cannot produce a correct answer.  For almost 17 years I have zigged and zagged into my neighborhood after getting off Interstate 80/94 and, even for a million bucks, I would probably have trouble telling you each street you would need to turn up or down in order to get you to my home.

I can describe everything about a person or an event and yet have trouble coming up with that person’s name.  It could be a case of lazy-brain-syndrome or it could be that I have been stuffing so much into my head all these 64 years that my grey matter wants to cry uncle.  But a new day and new sights and sounds bombard those billions of cells continuously.

For anyone who knows what Pinterest is you will understand that you can be exposed to more minutia in an hour with the swipe of a finger than grandma would have faced in a month of her non-electronic-device world of just a few years ago.

So, what is the point of this story?  The point is that all that matters is right now–and even thinking about now is too late because now has come and gone.

Let’s change the word now to be in the moment so as to make the simple point that yesterday is gone and tomorrow never comes.  Be the best that you can be right now.  Love with your greatest capability right now.  Tell that someone special how you feel…right now.  Go ahead, pick up your iPhone and call your child or spouse or friend and tell them that they are special and you felt they should know that truth…now.

This is the time of year that we tend to set our resolutions for the New Year.  In fact, as many of you who are reading these words can attest, you may have already broken a number of your goals for 2014.

As you go into the New Year, let each “now” moment build into something that you will look back at this time next year as a memory that showed your strength of character.  You can do whatever you want and achieve so much greatness by letting the real you, the strong you, by taking each individual moment that you are blessed with in 2014 and fill it with the best that you can be.

You are special and your time on this earth is significant.  Whether you feel it is speeding by and outside of your control or time seems to drag, we all live by the same 60 second minute, 60 minute hour, 24 hour day and 356 day year.  What do you plan on doing with all that time that you may be blessed with in 2014?

After all, all that really matters is the moment you are in right now.  I hope your next moment and all those that follow in 2014 are filled with all those things that you wish for and dream about. Have a happy “next moment” and a healthy New Year.


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