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Easter is just around the corner…

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April 5, 2017 · 1:59 pm

Calumet Park Cemetery in Merrillville adds casket display area that is family friendly…

2017-01-17-21-37-34 2017-01-17-21-37-57 2017-01-17-21-38-30 2017-01-17-21-38-54 2017-01-17-21-39-15 2017-01-17-21-39-53 2017-01-17-21-40-05 2017-01-17-21-40-53 2017-01-17-21-41-01 2017-01-17-21-41-22 2017-01-17-21-41-48 2017-01-17-21-42-13 2017-01-17-21-42-36 2017-01-17-21-43-06 2017-01-17-21-43-35 2017-01-17-21-43-58 2017-01-17-21-44-05 2017-01-17-21-44-17 2017-01-17-21-44-27 2017-01-17-21-44-53-2 2017-01-17-21-44-53-6 2017-01-17-21-45-52 2017-01-17-21-46-24 2017-01-17-21-47-00 2017-01-17-21-47-08 2017-01-17-21-47-52 2017-01-17-21-48-02 2017-01-17-21-48-43 2017-01-17-21-48-56Calumet Park Cemetery in Merrillville recently added a casket display area at the cemetery.  There are so many people wishing to pre-arrange their cemetery and funeral needs that it has become a must to have a place that they can see the actual caskets and fabrics for the interior without having to go to a local funeral home.

You may click on any photo to enlarge it to see the detail of design and color.  All the caskets shown are Batesville caskets made in the USA in Batesville, Indiana.  Batesville is one of the oldest and biggest casket manufacturing companies in the country.  They are highly respected and admired for the quality and variety of their products, from simple to “how much?”  There is literally a design that meets all budgets.

Stop in for a free tour of the room and consider preplanning with Calumet Park using our interest free monthly payment plans, and do not forget to ask about our veteran program.

Call 219-769-8803, or stop by any of our locations as shown on our website

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New Calumet Park Funeral Home in Hobart has ribbon cutting ceremony with the Chamber’s of Commerce of Hobart and Portage…

On December 15 the Chamber of Commerce for both Hobart and Portage joined together in a ribbon cutting ceremony at Calumet Park Funeral Chapel in Hobart.  the funeral home is located just south of Ridge Road on County Line Road between Hobart and Portage.  Considering the day was the coldest of the year to that point, a nice turn-out of local businesses and residents stopped by for the ceremony.

Location supervisor Roy McNeal and his assistant, Mike Poweska, had the newly renovated funeral home looking great.  The entire Board of Directors joined in the ceremony, with gifts handed out to all attendees.  Hobart Mayor, Brian Snedecor welcomed Calumet Park to the business community, and both Lisa Winstead from Hobart and Nancy Simpson from Portage shared some thoughts as the ribbon was cut making Calumet Park an official member of the community.

Stop by anytime for a private tour of the facility and meet the staff.  For more info, call 219-940-3791.

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Funerals…as simple or as elaborate as you choose….


Call us at 219-769-8803 for a personal and private meeting to get your questions on funeral planning answered.  If we knew the day of our death, almost everyone would become involved in the planning of their own funeral.  Luckily, we don’t know the when, but we can do something about what our final goodbye will look like and how much will be spent.

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Sometimes it costs you more to get what you don’t want…


Years ago, I bought a Porsche 944.  I wanted a Porsche 911, but there was no way that I could afford one, so I settled for the 944.  Within four months, it seemed that all I saw were 911’s until I went back to the dealer and asked how I could upgrade.  Not counting the fact that the payment was way higher on the 911, it cost me a small fortune to get out of the cheaper Porsche.  But, my heart was set on the 911 and the heck with the cost; I went with my heart.


I was reminded of my car buying experience the other day when I overheard one of our family service counselors talking with a husband about the monument he had erected for his wife who passed away a few months earlier.  It seems they were married for a long time, and they did everything for each other.  It came across as a true love story, and in passing, the gentleman mentioned how much he regretted buying a small monument for his wife.  It bothered him every time he came out to the cemetery to visit her grave.


The family service counselor responded to this moment of emotional outreach with the suggestion of upgrading to a monument that the husband felt would be more fitting of the life he and his wife shared.  To meet the needs of the husband, a monument of greater stature and significance was arranged for, and the family service counselor could see the tension being released from this man’s face as he finalized the purchase.  In matters of the heart, money is secondary to getting what you truly want.  The fact is that you should have your final wishes designed and paid for in advance to avoid anyone from spending on something that you don’t want.

When looking at the laws written for this business, you will see the word disposition used quite heavily.  Very clinical sounding, right?  Who has the legal right of disposition is a question that must be answered when you go to your cemetery of choice to sign an interment/entombment/inurnment order.  Regardless of the name given to the document, the form is to be signed by the person who is determined to have the legal right to dispose of a human body, and what form that disposition will take.

Sadly, in many cases where there is disharmony in a family, the one with the love in their heart for the deceased is not always the one who has the right to make decisions on final arrangements of the decedent.  Quite often, the person with the legal right of disposition acts out of spite, or dislike, or down right hatred.  The courts do not make their judgments based on relationships but rather on who fits their mold of how things should go.

Ah ha!  Doesn’t sound so nice when you come to realize that disposition is a word that, as far as a cemetery or funeral home is concerned, means ‘how will you dispose of the body…the mortal remains… of that person you are being asked to sign for’.   In fact, the state has written laws on the right of disposition that defines the order of priority when it comes to disposing of the human body.  You can pick up a copy of this Order of Priority at any funeral home, cemetery or from Calumet Park Cemetery by calling 219-769-8803.  In fact, just a few short years ago the State of Indiana passed into law a bill that allows the individual to decide who will dispose of their body.  It is called a Funeral Planning Declaration and you can pick one up at Calumet Park Cemetery, 2305 West 73rd Avenue, Merrillville, Indiana 46410.

There is a lot of legal gobbledygook that must be trudged through when a person dies.  That is what your funeral director or cemeterian handles as part of their service to you and your family.   Taking care of the legal side of things when a person passes is only a portion of the challenge that is faced within hours of a death by the person found to have the legal right to make such decisions.  Making decisions as to burial or cremation…cemetery and funeral home…traditional ground burial or above ground entombment…private or public visitation…and on and on and on…is challenging to say the least.

Every decision comes with a side of doubt when you, as the body in question, did nothing to help make life easier for those left behind.  When you die, your problems are over.  However, for those left behind, the 72 hours following your death will be made more painful and confusing when they do not know what you would have wanted, or how much you would want to spend, or how little there is in the bank account to spend on your funeral.  As I write these words, a family service counselor is distraught over having to deal with a person with no money, and no right to do anything even if money were not an issue let alone being able to have a proper goodbye for her loved one.  So sad!

The best advice I could give to anyone after being in this line of work for so many years is to think about your own inevitable passing.  What would you want to happen to your body?  What kind of funeral service do you want?  How much money do you want to spend or how much money is available to be spent?  Money and dignity have little to do with one another.  You can have a surprisingly beautiful final goodbye without breaking the bank or taking food off the table.  But to do this, you are the one who needs to make the decisions.  Since none of us know the time or day of our eventual demise, when would be a better time to pay a visit to Calumet Park but now, while you are still able to?

As the title of this article states, sometimes it costs you more to get what you don’t want.  If you don’t want a public extravaganza, don’t let it happen by arranging your own funeral.  If you don’t want a very expensive mahogany casket, come in and arrange for the casket that you do want.  If you don’t want cremation (or if you do), take a couple of hours and sit with one of our family service counselors and seek their advice.  It is always better for you to have things prearranged and then forget about it until the time of need rather than have a need and force others to try and figure out what you would have wanted, and how they will pay for it.  Last year, the average cost of one complete funeral and cemetery arrangement was around $12,000 to $15,000.  The spread in price has to do mostly with the casket selection.

2013-03-28 08.26.50

If you always secretly wanted to be in a mausoleum, come in and find out how affordable it is rather than be buried in the ground and later be disinterred and put in a mausoleum when your secret somehow surfaces after you are gone.  Let your family know what you want.  You can prearrange exactly how you want things to go, and how much you will spend, and you can do it with interest free payments at Calumet Park Cemetery on a pre-need basis.  Wait until after a death, and no payment programs are available and choices may be limited.

Look at it this way, if you know you are going to use Calumet Park Cemetery when the time comes, do you think it would be wiser to arrange now, at today’s prices, or to leave it to your family?  Sure, you will still end up here at Northwest Indiana’s most beautiful Memorial Park, but at whose expense?  Call us now for a no obligation look-see at what your funeral will be like, and if you want to do everything at once, or piece your final arrangements together in smaller, more affordable segments, you will be the one in charge.

Truth be told, most cemeteries and funeral homes would rather have you wait so you will pay the going rate at the time of need.  This is especially true during these times of low interest returns on investments.  Calumet Park has a pre-need program to help us plan for the future needs of the community.  By having a feeling as to how many people will use us based on actuarial statistics and other boring stuff, you have the opportunity to have your money put in trust at today’s prices which may make the difference in your getting your cemetery version of a Porsche 911 or a 944…both good but one markedly better.  Call now at 219-769-8803 and visit our website at

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In the works for the future…

new lake

Design 0390-B – Merrillville, IN (2)

A man-made pond has been excavated just south of the original mausoleum at Calumet Park Cemetery in Merrillville, Indiana.    The development of a beautiful space to design a private mausoleum program is evolving as either one or two (as shown in artist’s rendition) fountains in the new pond will serve as the centerpiece of the new “neighborhood”.

The west side of the development will have a tastefully designed community mausoleum.   There will be niches for cremation and a paved and landscaped road that will offer access to the new development.  The community mausoleum will have an inside chapel for committal services or when visiting on inclement weather days.  Each of the private mausoleums will be unique and be produced for the exact needs of each family wishing to set up this sort of estate.  Below you may see some ideas for your very own final resting place that may trigger your thoughts on the possibilities.  You will be able to choose from private mausoleums that already have already been produced or you may start from scratch and work with one of our specialists in coming up with a look that is just right for you.

 Get on our mailing list by emailing and in the subject portion of your email put add me to email list and in the message portion give us your name, address, zip and phone.  We will update you on this and other projects as they develop.

alex maus8761233_origmanov_fullMINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA05CB015735private-mausoleum-9private maus 1images

Call 219-769-8803 for more information!


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Jerry Davich on cremation…

Jerry Davich article on cremation

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July 8, 2013 · 9:17 pm

Cremation options in NW Indiana…


Some of the questions that families have regarding cremation:

What is involved in a simple, direct cremation?

Is embalming necessary for a cremation?

What are my choices if I don’t want the cheapest or the most expensive cremation?

What makes for a cheap versus an expensive cremation?

Why would I want to do any more than the basic?

Can I have a viewing and a visitation even though my dad wanted to cremated?

What do I do with the ashes when I don’t want to take them home?

What choices do you have for permanent placement and memorialization?

Do I need an urn?

urn set up

The questions can go on and on.  Usually, the answer to one question prompts more questions.  Our recommendation is to sit with one of our Family Service Counselors on a pre-need basis and get the facts.  There is no obligation to gather information, and you may take comfort by learning all that is involved when cremation is chosen.

One of the most important questions for many people – “Is cremation right for me?”  Cremation should be discussed with the entire family as the process is irreversible.

Call 219-769-8803  to set up a free, no obligation consultation with one of our no-pressure counselors.  You can click to other articles in this blog or go to for information on all the services and products offered by Calumet Park.

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Its here…the bronze veteran statue honoring veterans…

May 2, 2013 saw the placement of the new custom bronze sculpture atop the Veterans’ Memorial Columbarium.  The statue is meant to honor all veterans and is a handsome addition to the Veteran Section, Section 17.  Be sure to visit the site of the statue which is just south of the Battle of the Bulge Memorial.  You can’t miss it.

We are accepting both at-need and preneed arrangements in this one-of-a-kind columbarium/monument to the honor and memory of all those who have worn, wear, or ever will don the uniform of the U.S. Military.  Now, for those who choose to be cremated and want to be with their comrades-in-arms in the veteran section, you can fulfill you wishes at Calumet Park Cemetery.  Stop out soon to see if this monumental tribute is right for you.


Contact us for more information at or call 769-8803.

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Fact: we will all die. What then?


St. Paddy’s Day is just around the corner.  There will be stories on the news about all things green, from the Chicago River to shamrocks to hats and beer.  McDonald’s will even sell you a green milkshake in honor of everyone’s saint.  Leprechauns and rainbows and a pot of gold are part of the folklore, and a cartoon character will tell you of the fun your kids will have eating Lucky Charms, and he will do it in an Irish brogue.

The temptation is there for me to tell you all about my own Irish heritage, and the history of the Irish, from the potato famine to U2, the rock group that calls Ireland home.  Instead, I am going to be straight forward with you and tell you what you will be facing, from a practical perspective, when death hits you and yours between the eyes.  Sadly, death pays no attention to the calendar.  The obituary pages always have a fresh batch of names, whether it is a non-descript day in August to Christmas to Easter to St. Patrick’s Day…when your unlucky day arrives, someone will have some very tough and expensive decisions to make with little to no time in which to make them.

Generally speaking, within 24 hours of a death, someone will have to meet with a funeral director and then with a cemetery representative, if final placement of the loved one’s mortal remains are to be at a cemetery.  There will be many, many decisions to make that those who thought it silly or impractical to pre-plan will be forced to make.


Some, but certainly not all, questions will be:

What funeral home to use?  What cemetery?  Should there be a traditional funeral service with visitation, or a visitation followed by cremation, or a direct cremation, or a direct burial?  What kind of casket, wood or metal?  What clothing will be needed for both the deceased and for the immediate family for the funeral service?  At the cemetery, should you buy a single grave, a family lot, a crypt or some other choice for final placement of your loved ones human remains?  Do you want to be in a monument section, or flush memorial section?  What paperwork will I need?

dollar_sign 2

I could go on and on, way past the attention span of most readers.  At the end of the process of getting everything ready for the funeral, you will be asked for a certain amount of money.  Last year, the average funeral and cemetery expenses were between $12,000 and $20,000 depending on your needs.  And, here is the extra scary consideration…at the time of need, it is always cash.  Some funeral homes may allow payment from an insurance assignment, but all insurance companies don’t allow insurance assignments.  Even in cases that an insurance assignment is allowed, most funeral homes will have you sign a promissory note that elicits your promise to pay within a certain period, especially to allow for those cases that the insurance will not pay for a whole host of reasons.

You can prevent this added stress and anxiety by meeting with Calumet Park Cemetery and Funeral Chapel.  All it takes is a simple call to 769-8803 to set up an appointment to visit with one of our professional Family Service Counselors who will answer all of your questions.  There is no obligation for you to gather information.  If you are in a position to prearrange, you can do some or all of your arrangements at that visit, or get back with us at your convenience.  There is no high pressure in any way during these visits.  The high pressure comes when you wait until the time of need is upon you, and then you must scramble to find the funds to provide the services that you know your loved one would have wanted.

When you make your arrangements before the time of need, you have the added benefit of being able to make monthly payments with zero interest for up to five years.  There are no credit checks, and no credit turndowns, so you are instantly the big winner.  If you do not own cemetery property, we will give you a free space valued at $950 or you can use that amount as a credit for any other property of greater value.

For some people that like to do a little research on line before they get with a real person, the internet is filled with facts.  In fact, you can visit our website at or find us on facebook at mycalumetpark where you can gather all kinds of helpful information in the comfort of your own home.  If I can be of any service, feel free to call and ask for me and I will be more than happy to help you in any way that I can.

So, if you were hoping to find green fluff here in honor of St. Paddy’s Day, I am sorry to disappoint you.  However, if you want some “in your face truth” about what it takes to make arrangements, contact us at once and let us be of service to you.  Even if you only take the free space, you will be ahead of the game and you will have $950 less of an expense when the god-awful day comes that you are forced to meet with a funeral director on their terms instead of yours.

By Daniel G. Moran, GM at Calumet Park Cemetery and Funeral Chapel

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