Crosses erected at Calumet Park Cemetery in Merrillville on August 1, 2018…

Pastor Rusty Shields was joined by Paul Vogel, son Quinn, Anne Jones, Richard Stake and Daniel Moran at an early morning, impromptu dedication of the crosses.  After singing Amazing Grace, the Thursday morning prayer group gathered around the crosses as Pastor Shields offered a prayer of thanks and a blessing that the crosses may bring all who see them a little closer to God.

Randy Music, Kevin Music, Tom Music, Orlando Perez, Shawn McClure, Jeremy Grant and Tim McClure – designers and installers of crosses on August 2, 2018.

After years of depositing dirt to make a small hill just west of the mausoleum complex, the time had come to bring this dream of acknowledgement and praise to fruition by erecting the three crosses.  Tim McClure and Tom Music, superintendent and assistant superintendent of Calumet Park Cemetery, with the help of the ground’s crew staff of Kevin Music, Randy Music, Shawn McClure, Jeremy Grant and Orlando Perez, set them in place on Wednesday, August 1.  They are impressive and inspiring and may be seen by all when you visit Calumet Park Cemetery.

The crosses offer an opportunity for reflection on the Christian belief that Jesus Christ’s sacrifice opened the path to eternity in heaven by simply accepting Him as the Savior…a path to eternal glory for all who seek Him.  A special thanks go out to the Board of Director’s of Calumet Park Cemetery for making this special place, now blessed, for all who visit the cemetery.

Stop in at the office and a Family Service Person will be more than happy to show you these beautiful crosses.  A formal dedication open to the public is being planned.  A notice will go out to all of our on-line newsletter subscribers as to a time and date.  If you are not currently on our email list,  send us an email with your name to:  In subject portion, type “add me to email list” and in the message portion enter your name, address including zip and phone.  For instance, John Doe, 123 Smith Lane, Smallville, IN 56410 (219.771.7777).

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