A prayer…

A Prayer

There are men and women from these great United States serving in the armed forces today who will need to be remembered for having given up their lives when this holiday rolls around again this weekend.  And sadly, as long as there are evil, crazy, power-hungry people habiting the planet, soldiers will die.  How many of our fine young men and women have to be killed before peace can truly erupt around the world?

There was a song out when I was young entitled “Where have all the flowers gone?”  by the Kingston Trio.   It had a very repetitive beat played beneath a poem that I only now realize was probably meant  to be that way as the story is the same today as it was when it first hit the charts.

Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the flowers gone?
Gone to young girls, every one!
When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?

The next verse changed to young men, then soldiers, then graveyards until the graveyards went back to flowers…”and the beat goes on, and the beat goes on” sang Sonny and Cher.  Vietnam, the Middle East and hopefully never… but looking scarier and scarier…Korea.

In cemeteries across the nation flowers will be planted and placed next to flags on the graves of so many innocent and lost souls.  I believe the fallen soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and women and reserves who gave their all are all in heaven as they gave their last breath for our freedom.  That is a wonderful thought, and one day we will meet again.

However, in the middle of the night, when a parent or spouse or son or daughter finds they cannot sleep over their loss, heaven is far away.  They need strength now…today…tonight, when they are alone with their thoughts.  All the hopes and dreams and plans and fun, the tears and laughter that can no longer be shared with their guy or gal who died bleeding red, white and blue, they are the truly forgotten ones.

So, in this small space on the internet, I offer my prayers and the prayers of so many for all who have been left behind.  God is good and all-knowing and always present which means some of our prayer energy needs to be offered for understanding and faith.  I pray that a child can move though life with one parent gone forever, while a piece of the remaining parent does their best to do their best in all things.  A wife or husband who hugged their honey goodbye and finds they will never be together again lives a pain that others who did not suffer such a loss will never know.

So, God…in Jesus name, I pray that you will give strength to those who are truly vested in Memorial Day.  I pray that you will shelter them with your love.  I pray that you will help them in their most alone moments as they live in but a shadow of their “coupled” life.  I pray that you help them through this life, and that you accept their pain as their penance and forgive them if they may turn from you a little.  I pray, God that you let them remember all the great times with their lost loves, and to cherish the little moments that brought them together in the first place.  Thank you God, for the beauty that you will bless them with in the days ahead, and let their remaining time here on earth be lived in honor of their fallen soldier.  Finally, I pray that you help mankind find a way to discontinue adding to the rolls of those we salute on Memorial Day.  Amen

Come to our free fireworks show on next Saturday night at around 7:00 (May 27) at Calumet Park Cemetery in Merrillville.  Call 769-8803 for directions and visit our webside for more info at calumetparkcemetery.com

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