Calumet Park Funeral Chapel and Rendina Funeral Home Angel Tree Lighting Ceremonies well attended…

2015-10-09-08-07-29The Merrillville High School Choir greeted the attendees of Calumet Park Funeral Chapel’s annual Angel Tree Lighting Ceremony on Saturday afternoon, December 3.  Over 150 men, women and children enjoyed the choir singing Christmas carols as they found their way to their seats in the chapel.



Harpist Renee Wilson treated the audience with soft holiday music while waiting for the program to begin.


A special thanks to Michelle Hanrahan and all those who helped make the evening a success.  Assisting as needed were Kim Jones, Carrie Evans, Teresa Dille, Matt Hahn, Misti Ferkull, Sandy Ferris, Marcia Ochoa, Rick Kalk, Richard Stake, Dianne Correll, Kathy Chepela and Tammy Vogel.  Paul Vogel offered some thoughts and stories to remind us all of the reason for the season, while his brother Brant sang a song inspired by his grandfather and days fishing.  Matt and Sara Courtney and Caroline Moore shared a heavenly song and all enjoyed fellowship after the door prizes were awarded over delicious punch and an assortment of sweets.  And, for the first time, pictures of loved ones were projected on the wall as names and dates were read as loved ones placed glass angels on the tree.

Rendina’s ceremony was on Thursday afternoon organized by Taylor Wise, with Greg Schafer and many of the people mentioned above all helping out. (click on pictures to enlarge)  2015-10-07-08-22-48 2015-10-07-08-25-43 2015-10-07-08-26-30 2015-10-07-08-27-32 2015-10-07-08-43-06 2015-10-07-08-43-46 2015-10-07-08-44-59 2015-10-07-08-48-20 2015-10-07-09-02-22 2015-10-07-09-13-52


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