Halloween of 1994 American Eagle Flight 4184 plane crash in Roselawn remembered


Theresa Ann Severin, shown above, wrote a truly amazing account of the events before and after the doomed American Eagle flight back in 1994.  Terri lost her sister Patricia and her nephew, Patrick Henry on that day.  Stop in at Calumet Park Cemetery and pick up a copy of this story, powerful in and of itself and brought alive by the courage and tenacity of the author.  Each copy is personally signed by the author and can be yours for only $20.

In looking for the perfect poem or inspirational story to read this afternoon, I could not find one. They all felt too heavy with grief or regret.

I then realized the perfect thing I wanted to recite today was not about remorse, or loss, but about gratitude.

I am grateful for having had my only sibling, my best friend, Patty, for 36 years.

I am grateful to have had little Patrick in my life for 4 years.

I am grateful for the playfulness and small antics Patrick brought to my life.

I am grateful for the sisterhood and the big antics that Patty and I engaged in.

All of us have experienced blessings and miracles from the ongoing presence of our loved ones in our lives, giving us support and hope for the future. So, even when speaking of their departure from this earthly plane, I believe they continue to shape who we are today. Just like all of us here have assisted each other, in even small ways, on our journeys and transformations.

Reflecting on my relationship with my sister, and never wanting to have been selfish, all I can do is hope that I haven’t somehow held Patty back from fully embracing the life she is now meant to live. My strong emotional ties may in fact have been tethers holding Patty to the earthly plane. So, with that said, I fully release Patty and Patrick. I have attempted this throughout the years, but this time, with you as my witness, “I really mean it this time!”

I know our love will never be lost or diminished.

Finally, I am grateful to be here with all of you today to honor our loved ones, who are free and in the light and love of God.

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