Calumet Park Cemetery and wildlife….


Calumet Park Cemetery, founded in 1928 as an open, natural cemetery, is privileged to have many of God’s beautiful creatures visit at times.  There have been reported sightings of deer, all orders of ducks and geese, rabbits, raccoons, cranes and hawks, every species of birds that stop by for a short stay and a big, friendly turkey.  We would ask that you do not feed the animals as that encourages them to look for handouts instead of forage for food as they were created to do.


It is understood that some people love to see nature close up and others prefer to see turkeys on a nice platter at Thanksgiving.  We at Calumet Park see these visitors as glimpses of God and appreciate the life they bring to a cemetery.




Thank you to so many of you that take the time to express your appreciation for maintaining Calumet Park Cemetery in the manner in which the founding fathers envisioned it to be.  The grounds are kept beautiful and there is enough of the old time natural beauty present that is inviting to our families and our special friends, all creatures great and small.

For information on preplanning, call 219-769-8803 or stop by and enjoy the Fall season, one of the most beautiful here at Calumet Park Cemetery.

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