Rendina Funeral Home and Calumet Park Cemetery hosts a wonderful open house….(click on all pics for enlargement)


Barbara Fedorchak with Tony Rendina. Thanks to the entire Rendina family for all of your service to the community.

Rendina Funeral Chapel held an open house for the community on Thursday evening.  Taylor Wise and her committee made up of Greg Schafer, Marcia Ochoa, Barbara Fedorchak, Michelle Hanrahan, Carrie Evans, Teresa Dille, Mike Poweska and Kathy Chepela had the funeral home looking wonderful.  A delicious array of authentic Spanish food was provided by Carlos Rivero, owner of Don Quijote restaurant in Valparaiso and his team along with a guitarist who provided soothing background music.

The parking lot was full and the building was filled with laughter and good fellowship as area residents and invited guests got a good look-see of the newly remodeled funeral home.

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Paul Vogel Sr., Taylor Wise and Paul II

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Although Tony officially retired from Rendina Funeral Home, he continues to help out and teach the newer generation the Rendina way of serving families.  Calumet Park is proud to accept the passing of the baton and vows to serve “Tony’s families” as he and his family have since 1961.

For information on preplanning, call 980-1141 or call Calumet Park Cemetery at 769-8803.

Walk-in’s always welcome to stop by for a courtesy tour of the beautiful new version of Rendina Funeral Home.


















































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