New funeral home open for business in Hobart/Portage

New signage at Calumet Park Funeral Chapel and Crematory on County Line Road in Hobart

New signage at Calumet Park Funeral Chapel and Crematory on County Line Road in Hobart

There have been many, many families from Hobart, Portage and Lake Station that have family at Calumet Park Cemetery in Merrillville.  For years, families have asked for us to build a funeral home closer to where they live and work.  Although families love the peace, serenity and beauty of Calumet Park as a final resting place, having a funeral home a little closer to home for visitations would make those days immediately following a death easier on survivors.

The time is now for this request to be fulfilled.  A very large funeral home, located one half mile south of Route 6 on County Line Road separating Hobart and Portage has been sitting vacant for the past year.  The new name of the funeral home is Calumet Park Funeral Chapel and Crematory, and as the name states, there is a crematory on the premises.  This is reassuring for a family to know that their loved one is never out of our watchful and attentive care

Calumet Park has spent the past six months renovating the entire building and crematory.  It is truly a wonderful addition to the community, and it is hoped that readers of this blog will stop in for a free tour at your convenience.  For those who tour any of our funeral homes (Gary, Merrillville, and now, Hobart/Portage) through the end of August can have a 25% off sales coupon validated and benefit for this special sale through the end of August.

From the very inviting brick fireplace that greets you upon entering the funeral home to the very spacious visitation rooms just to the left, the decorators achieved turning a building that was in total disrepair into a comfortable, friendly home for funerals.  With an abundance of windows that offer natural lighting during the day to softer lighting for the evening, the renovation team presents families with a facility large enough to accommodate any size gathering into a place that is intimate and relaxing.  With parking for over 100 cars or trucks and everything on one floor, convenience is a big part of the equation as we prepared a facility with your needs in mind.

Many people attend funerals as a chance to pay respect to the decedent and his or her loved ones, but do not want to spend much time at the funeral home.   There oftentimes seems to be a feeling of dread seeing the dead, and when the Feng Shui of the building is off, a visitor’s sense of peace is off too.  Calumet Park has developed a company culture that allows for the celebration of a life that was lived, and that starts with the ambiance one experiences upon entering this new funeral home.  There is plenty of time for grieving when we lose someone we love.  So, by making a funeral home setting that is inviting and open, families tend to stay longer, visit more, and welcome the opportunity to re-new old relationships.

The funeral home is centrally located to all cemeteries in Lake and Porter Counties which is an attractive plus for any funeral home.  Calumet Park serves all faiths, all races, all creeds and all cemeteries in the region.  The funeral home is staffed with professional, caring people with the experience to make this major event in one’s life momentous.  Traditional funerals are available.  Also available is a willingness on the part of Calumet Park and staff to create a celebration of sorts…a chance to design something a little different to match the uniqueness of the person who has passed.

Like motorcycles?  Calumet Park has a Harley Hearse as part of its rolling stock.  The traditional hearse is always available, but for some, to be taken to their final resting place in a Harley, well…

We invite you to stop in at any time for a look around Hobart and Portage’s newest funeral home.  Many people come to that time in their life and they fear the entire process.  One of the best ways to remove such fears is to stop in, look around, ask any questions that come to mind, see that a funeral director is just a regular person who has dedicated his or her life to serving families in their time of need, and you will feel greater peace than those who fear the unknown.  Let our caring staff be your bridge to overcoming such fear and apprehension.  There is no obligation but a simple informational tour is a chance for you to appreciate the old adage of knowledge is power.

If you have an immediate need, or are in an eminent death circumstance, call 219-940-3791 for help in guiding you through the difficult days ahead.

Hope to see you at the Lake County Fair in August.  Stop by and get the 25% off coupon mentioned above.

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