The flag that stands for freedom….


The flag that stands for freedom,

Shouts loud for all to hear…

“We are the good old U.S.A.,

the land we hold so dear.”

The boys and girls who dressed the part,

Aged beyond compare

when they hit the shores of Normandy

or places ‘over there’.

Men and women served with pride,

At home or overseas…

All sacrificed their days of youth

So we could all be free.

And others, please remember,

Have never returned home.

Their souls to God, their blood to soil,

Their families left alone.

At Cal Park, we thank them all,

and understand their plight.

Peace the goal, but because of them

the world still fears our might.

The uniform that makes us one,

from Army to Marines…

and Navy, Air Force and the Guard,

brings peace by any means.

To all veterans and their families, Calumet Park Cemetery and affiliates salute you.

Join us this Memorial Weekend in our show of appreciation for all who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

For more info on the weekend, see our Newsletter on this blog or call 219-769-8803.


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