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This old poem was on the back of a church bulletin, and I thought readers might enjoy it.” writes Faye Harrington, Baxter Springs. Kansas.  It was written by a 94 year old woman whose name is unknown.

My hair is white and I’m almost blind,

The days of my youth are far behind.

My neck’s so stiff, can’t turn my head,

Can’t hear half of what’s being said.

My legs are wobbly, can hardly walk,

But glory be, I can surely talk!

My joints are stiff; won’t move in their sockets,

And nary a dime is left in my pockets.

So maybe you think I’m a total wreck.

To tell the truth, I look like heck.

But still I have just loads of fun.

And my heart with joy is overrun.

I’ve lots of friends, so kind and sweet,

Any many more I don’t get to see.

Oh, this is a wonderful world of ours,

Shade and sunshine and beautiful flowers.

So you must take it from me, you bet,

I’m glad I’m livin’, and I ain’t dead yet.

I’ve got corns on my feet and ingrown nails,

And do they Hurt…here language fails.

To tell you my troubles would take too long,

If I tried, you would give me the gong.

I go to church and Sunday school too,

For I love the Story that is forever new.

And when I reach the end of my row,

I know to my Heavenly Home I’ll go,

Then when I leave my house of clay

If you listen closely, I ‘m apt to say,

“Well, folks, I’ve left you, but don’t forget,

I’ve just passed on – but I ain’t dead yet!”


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