For veterans, your discharge papers are of extreme importance…

man with dd214

The Department of Defense Form 214, more commonly known as the DD214, is the legally accepted papers that shows a person’s military record, including type of discharge.  A service member’s discharge papers are the most important piece of paper he or she can have as any benefit from the government requires this document as part of the processing procedure.  At Calumet Park, we have tremendous savings and freebies for the honorably discharged vet who can prove the type of discharge.  Freebies?  Free grave, free backer for government marker, free installation at Calumet Park for the government marker and huge discounts on almost all other items needed to make cemetery and funeral arrangements.


If you cannot locate your DD214, log on to  Follow the easy prompts and print out the form, sign it, and fax it back.  Usually within 10 days you will get a new DD214.   Because this document is such a valuable piece of paper, the veteran is the only one who is allowed to get a copy of this form while he or she is alive.  Or, if more convenient, stop in to Calumet Park Cemetery at the corner of 73rd and Taft in Merrillville and one of our Family Service Counselors will assist you in getting a new DD214 replacement if you cannot locate yours.  This form is a must to get a government marker.

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