More important than you think…

More Important Than You Think

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For some people, working at a cemetery seems downright weird, and even morbid. I have even had relatives ask me if I am tired of digging graves which is usually said tongue-in-cheek. Or is it?

Original Mausoleum

Original Mausoleum

Truth be told, I do love my work. There are a lot of cemeteries and funeral homes in Lake and Porter Counties, and they are all staffed with caring and truly good people. In fact, most funeral directors and cemeterians that I have come to know since I met with my first family to help with their cemetery arranges back in 1988 would do the work for free if they did not have financial obligations.


We do our best to be empathetic and professional when working with families who either want to make prearrangements or have to meet with us to make arrangements due to an immediate loss in their lives.
How do you write an upbeat column in an upbeat BLOG about a parent who just lost a child to drugs, or a cop showing up at your door to tell you that your wife was killed in a car accident? All parents who have ever had a child go off to war prays to never get “the knock”.

Stop right now and think of the hole that would be left in the lives of your loved ones if God decided today was your day. You are more important than you can possibly imagine, even when you may not feel that important. Lives change dramatically when a death occurs, and someone has to be there to help those left behind make the immediate transition from wife to widow…from child to orphan?

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No matter how many people surround a new widow at the passing of a beloved spouse, all the decisions that must be made in a very short time are decisions wrapped in questions that she will have to make. Would he have wanted a public funeral service with all the trappings or would he have wanted a private, personal goodbye with just immediate family present? Would he want a casket made of wood or metal? What cemetery would he have wanted to be buried at? Or would he have wanted to be cremated and blown to the wind? How much will it all cost? Where will the money come from? What guilt feelings will regulate my decisions in these matters?

There is no discrimination as to age, sex or situation in life when the grim reaper does his dirty work. It is because of the many decisions that must be made that so many of us have decided to work in this business as it is in our power to help our friends, neighbors and family navigate through all the legal requirements of getting a person officially out of the book of life and put in what some have called a repository of bodies, or simply put, in a permanent and final resting place.

Speaking for our staff of friendly Family Service Counselors and Funeral Directors at Calumet Park and Rendina Funeral Home, we love helping families during their time of need. Even more satisfaction comes when we are able to educate families on all that is involved in these end-of-life decisions, and then help prearrange for the inevitable. We get to help families save money by freezing the price. We get to help families “charge it” with a minimal amount down and never a penny of interest when prearranged. We get to help people arrange what is right for them by showing them available options and respecting their decisions without trying to push them in any direction that would not be good for them.

So, writing an article that is upbeat on such a downbeat topic is difficult, but knowing that an education in funeral and cemetery arrangements is truly a gift to those who will take the time and courage to meet with us before a time of need is satisfying in its own right.

I invite you to call or stop in at your convenience to find out for yourself what is available at Calumet Park and its affiliates. Both the cemetery and funeral home are recognized nationally as being outstanding in all ways and maybe it is time for you to see for yourself. A tour of Calumet offers a chance to eliminate many of your fears about cemeteries and funeral homes, and if you feel you could benefit by getting your burial estate in order, we would be more than privileged to be of service. Call 219-769-8803 and like us on facebook at mycalumetpark.

Equal under God, and the blood of our great uniformed protectors…Calumet Park and Rendina welcomes all in their time of need.


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