What do you think of when you think of July?

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Fireworks? Baseball? Hot dogs on the grill? Family gatherings? The beach? No school?
As a kid, July meant endless baseball to me. We would mow the pasture, put some cardboard down for bases, and never tire of throwing, and hitting and running. We had formal little league, but it was the 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. pick-up games that were the most fun. Anybody who has smelled fresh cut grass and sipped on real, homemade lemonade knows what I am talking about.

Girls? There were always girls showing up; and they played. We would go home, sweaty and dusty, with our clothes ripped and stained with grass and cow manure from the outfield, but we didn’t care. As an adult, I now recognize that parents were not crazy about the mess we made of our clothes, but for the kids of that generation, we only thought of the next pop fly to be snagged.

July meant hot, sunny days. It meant getting chilled when the sun went down as we would catch fireflies in the dew that formed from such quick changes in temperatures. Hide and seek was a lot of fun in the dark; only porch lights prevented us from smacking into trees. Country living meant there was no such thing as street lights, and the next door neighbor was a couple of hundred yards away.


When you hear pitch black…that was Chipmonk Road in the late 50’s. We would see bats darting by in the shadows and the girls would scream and the boys would hold back their screams…so brave, so brave.
Those were the days, and such memories remind us that there is goodness in the simplest of things…if we will only let ourselves be open to them. July, I welcome you…past, present and future.
For info on preplanning, call 769-8803.  Happy 4th of July and remember what is important…and watch those fingers…fireworks are not meant to be a crude surgical tool!

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