Merry Christmas to all…


Tree in the Great Room at Calumet Park Funeral Chapel

Tree in the Great Room at Calumet Park Funeral Chapel

We wish you and your loved ones the most blessed and happy holiday.  The connection between you, your family and our staff is more than that of a company serving your needs.  For those who find time to join with us throughout the year at our Angel Tree Lighting Ceremony, our Butterfly Release Program, our Fishing for Memories and our Fall Festival, you discover that we care.  Memorial Weekend and Veterans Day are special times at Calumet Park and Rendina Funeral Home as our entire team suspends the happenings in our personal lives to be there for you during these special times of honoring families, especially those that share a history of serving this great nation.


In all the hustle and bustle of the season, with shopping and gifts wrapped in beautiful paper and bows, we are proud to be among those who see this holiday for what it really is all about, and that is the birth of Jesus.  Santa has his place, and the economy takes a belly full of profits as it gobbles up cash and credit and spits out dolls and video games…and that is good for business.  But remembering the reason for the season, as trite as the rhyme might sound, is the foundation upon which Calumet Park has built its business over the past 87 years.

Above the entrance to Calumet Park Funeral Chapel in Merrillville

Above the entrance to Calumet Park Funeral Chapel in Merrillville

Calumet Park services the entire community, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, color or creed…much as the Savior who was born 2014 years ago.  Jesus came to earth so that we may have life eternal and acceptance is all that is required.  So, on this great birthday of Christ, we thank Him and we thank you, our patron families, for affording us the opportunity to be there for you when you need us.


Merry Christmas to you, and may 2015 be filled with love and good health, and when you feel a little overwhelmed, or scared, or short on hope, the man from the manger may be your savior.  As a child asks Santa for a special toy, trust the Lord.  Both a toy for a child and peace for you is wrapped in a ribbon of trust just waiting for you to take them as your own.

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