A gift of acknowledgement…


A call to any monument dealer will reveal that the holiday season is a time that people tend to stop out to their cemetery to pay a visit to mom, or dad or whomever, only to discover that there is no memorial. The family then comes to the cemetery office and finds out there is a time element to getting a marker or monument, which prevents them from having this permanent remembrance in place before Christmas. They usually vow to get one sometime in the spring, which usually does not happen and there they are, a year later and another price increase, without a marker.

Monuments and flush markers are a way to pay tribute to someone important in your life that has passed away. As blatant as this might sound, it is almost as though the person never lived. Of course, the memories that fill one’s heart and soul will always be there.


I remember, years ago, a person who worked six days a week, and on Sunday’s would come out to visit grandma’s grave. I was working one Sunday when this person came to the office and said he wanted to put a marker on her grave. When I went out with him, he discovered he had been visiting the wrong grave for years…in fact, he was not even in the right section.

So, why not stop out now and arrange for your monument and markers so they will be in place come spring. And if you don’t have the cash to pay for it all at once, Calumet Park has payment plans that allow a very minimal down payment and interest free monthly payments. Call (219-769-8803) or stop in and let one of our memorialization specialists help you acknowledge the life that was lived with a memorial.  For more info, go to calumetparkcemetery.com or check out other posts in this blog.

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