The perfect place for veterans choosing cremation…

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At Calumet Park, we respect a person’s personal preferences for how they would like to be remembered.  Veterans are so instrumental in our waking each day to the freedoms that we enjoy, so it is fitting that the Board of Directors of Calumet Park have spared no expense in providing for the needs of veterans when God calls them home.

The Veterans Memorial Columbarium (shown above) is but an example of the way Calumet Park feels about our veterans.  The columbarium is situated in the veterans section right next to the Battle of the Bulge memorial.

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The kneeling soldier at the cross represents so much to so many.  It is a work of art in bronze commissioned by Calumet Park to make the statement that we are one nation under God and our men and women in uniform are responsible for protecting us from those who want to destroy our way of life.  The benches offer a place for the weary and lonely survivors to sit and take refuge; a place in a peaceful, garden-like setting that invites tears and laughter.   Memories are powerful things, and a memorial tribute can capture a little of that feeling when designed with the heart as the center of the memorial.

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To insure that this tribute maintains its beauty, individual and caring attention must be paid to its maintenance.  Andy Proffer, a professional grounds-crew member at Calumet Park Cemetery for many years, is shown watering these colorful trees, shrubs, plants and seasonal flowers.  Each selection of plantings were chosen specifically to give life and love to the families choosing cremation.  The columbarium has a limited number of niches and it is recommended you stop by the cemetery and see if this garden oasis is right for you.  You must have a DD214 or equivalent to be inurned (cremains permanently placed in a niche) in this special place.


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For more information regarding this, or the many other ways that Calumet Park Cemetery and Funeral Chapel cares for our men and women in uniform, call 219-769-8803 or visit our website at  Below is the personal information for the cremains that are placed in the niche, done in bronze, with the emblem for branch of service as shown on discharge papers.

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