Flags to be removed as of April 21…sorry…

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As much as Calumet Park respects and honors the flag and all it stands for, there are certain rules in place regarding flags on graves.  The cemetery rules allow for flags for Memorial Weekend, July 4th and Veterans day.  We ask you to imagine your own yard.  If you were to put a hundred flags out on your lawn, it would certainly be patriotic.  However, when it would be time to cut your grass, what then?  Well, our lawn is 160 acres of developed land that could conceivably have tens of thousands of flags which would become impossible from a maintenance perspective.

During the winter months, flags are generally left on graves unless someone complains as “the rules are the rules”.  However, now that spring is finally here, we wanted to give fair warning that the flags will be removed and be properly disposed of so if you want your flag, please remove it before April 21.  On that date and beyond, flags will be permitted only on the dates cited above.  A number of signs have been posted throughout the cemetery showing this cutoff so we hope that you will respect our intention of properly maintaining your cemetery.


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