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new lake

Design 0390-B – Merrillville, IN (2)

A man-made pond has been excavated just south of the original mausoleum at Calumet Park Cemetery in Merrillville, Indiana.    The development of a beautiful space to design a private mausoleum program is evolving as either one or two (as shown in artist’s rendition) fountains in the new pond will serve as the centerpiece of the new “neighborhood”.

The west side of the development will have a tastefully designed community mausoleum.   There will be niches for cremation and a paved and landscaped road that will offer access to the new development.  The community mausoleum will have an inside chapel for committal services or when visiting on inclement weather days.  Each of the private mausoleums will be unique and be produced for the exact needs of each family wishing to set up this sort of estate.  Below you may see some ideas for your very own final resting place that may trigger your thoughts on the possibilities.  You will be able to choose from private mausoleums that already have already been produced or you may start from scratch and work with one of our specialists in coming up with a look that is just right for you.

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