Unsung heroes…

   With over five miles of paved roads to be cleared every time it snows, Calumet Park’s team hits the streets with a lot of time, equipment and effort and dedication.  They understand the importance of a family being able to visit their loved one’s cemetery, even if that special birthday, anniversary or funeral falls on a day that the weather does not cooperate.  Although it is not possible to clear a path to every grave site, it is possible to come to the section that the grave is in and pay your respects due to the efforts of this group.
This wonderful team of hardworking men is truly appreciated, as well as the work that they do, day in and day out no matter the weather, that has contributed to Calumet Park Cemetery’s selection as the runner-up for best cemetery in the country 2 out 0f  the last 3 years by “American Cemetery” magazine.  A sincere thank you goes out to Tim McClure, Tom Music, Jeremy Grant, Kevin Music and Shawn McClure, along with the rest of the crew, for all of their dedication throughout the year.  Scroll down and get a feel for the investment in equipment and manpower and expense put forth by the Board of Directors of your cemetery.
(thanks to those not shown:  Randy Music, Andy Proffer, Ron Ifyu, Mellody Grant, Brandon Shaver, Lorraine Music, Marian Havrila, Michael Boone, and Brennan Kvarta)
Click on photos to enlarge.  Scroll down to see team in front of new John Deere Snow Eater!
2012-12-06 03.35.28

Jeremy Grant ready to move some snow!

2012-12-06 03.29.29

Kevin Music

2012-12-06 03.29.58

Clearing main entrance near office at 73rd and Taft

2012-12-06 03.30.16

Lining up for the next big snow…

2012-12-06 03.31.05

Team effort in snow removal.

2012-12-06 03.31.10

Grounds Superintendent Tim McClure leading the pack.

2012-12-06 03.31.34

Whatever you do, don’t lose the keys to these babies or the entire staff will be out with snow shovels…

2012-12-06 03.34.16

Shawn McClure on Calumet Park’s newest workhorse…who doesn’t like a John Deere with monster snowblower?

2012-12-06 03.35.22

Coach Tim McClure (on right) with Jeremy Grant.

2012-12-06 03.35.28

Jeremy Grant posing for the cover of the next issue of “Snow Removal for Fun and Profit”.

2012-12-06 03.33.25

Shawn McClure clearing the way for visitors to the cemetery.

2012-12-06 03.34.40

Wish we all had one of these for our own driveways.

2012-12-06 03.37.50

Line ’em up and let’s do this thing!

2012-12-06 03.38.30

Tom Music, Assistant Ground Super, happy to serve…Tom understands how important it is to keep the roads clear for visitors.

2012-12-06 03.39.28

Tim McClure, Shawn McClure, Tom Music, Kevin Music and Jeremy Grant…five miles of paved roads to be plowed and…you can do the math!

2012-12-06 03.33.32

Get some snow tires like these and you will never be late for work again…

2012-12-06 03.38.04

Go ahead! Snow…I dare ya!

2012-12-06 03.31.39 2012-12-06 03.31.47 2012-12-06 03.33.46 2012-12-06 03.33.54 2012-12-06 03.34.27 2012-12-06 03.36.57 2012-12-06 03.37.13 2012-12-06 03.37.55 2012-12-06 03.39.13 2012-12-06 03.39.23 2012-12-06 03.39.43 2012-12-06 03.39.52 2012-12-06 03.39.59 2012-12-06 03.40.11 2012-12-06 03.40.25 2012-12-06 03.40.57

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