Building new traditions at Calumet Park Funeral Chapel…

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The traditional backdrop for funeral homes in the United States has always been a drab looking wall or floor to ceiling drapes.  There is nothing wrong with the old ways of doing things.  However, what if there were a way to have a funeral experience that leaves a warmer memory?  Calumet Park Funeral Chapel (funeral home) in Merrillville has made an investment in the future by giving a little something extra to our families – a backdrop that adds a powerful image for our last goodbye.

Seen above is our veteran backdrop which may be selected by the family of a veteran or by any family that always likes to express their patriotism and their spirit of God, country and love.  Also available is a beautiful forest backdrop with a setting sun piercing the impending darkness and a scene of tall grass on a sand dune at dusk.  It will be the choice of the family as to which backdrop they prefer.


Ever since Henry Ford introduced the horseless carriage, the horse and buggy as a means of family transportation disappeared rather quickly.  At Calumet Park, we believe that a funeral experience needs to be much more than a gathering of people to congregate because a person has died.  We believe that a funeral is a way to acknowledge that an important person in our lives has gone on to their just rewards, and that those who gather should celebrate the life that was lived.

By having the new backdrops, we feel that the final mental snapshot is far superior to anything that has gone on before and that we call tradition.  Every tradition started with an idea.   We feel the backdrop, combined with our production of take-home DVD’s of your loved one’s life along with the concept of having food at the funeral home as part of the ceremony allows all those who attend to truly share in the event in a unique and memorable way.  And, it follows…a new tradition is born!

We have parties for birthdays, graduations, weddings, super-bowl parties and the list goes on.  Why should we not continue the fellowship and support that humans share during the good times right on through to the end.  Funerals can be what you want them to be, and more and more, we find that people want more than to go look at a dead body in a casket.  People want, and might I submit, need a chance to celebrate the times that were shared.  Family members need to feel the love, to hear the stories about a husband or wife or child that would never be shared without a chance to gather together.

The next time you visit Calumet Park Funeral Chapel, take a moment to notice the change in attitude and response of all the visitors.  Feel free to contact Daniel Moran, General Manager at or stop in for a tour.  Call first to 219-736-5840 for a personal tour of the facilities located at 7535 Taft Street in Merrillville, just one half mile north of Route 30 on Taft.

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