Find your special butterfly…

028  Of all the billions of butterflies that inhabit this world, the only one that matters

to this little guy is the one in his hand.  He is not looking for a bigger one, or a better one,

or the chance to have a bunch of butterflies.  He marvels at the one he has and if he knew

how to articulate it, he would tell you that his “butterfly moment” was all that mattered at

that particular moment.  Let us all be like the wee ones of the world.  There is love and

peace and beauty all around us if we will take the time to “slow down” and enjoy the gifts

that are visited upon us each day.  God is good and if you think you can’t find Him, go

find a butterfly and study the splendor that lies in its fragile nature.  Or, better yet, look

upon the face of your child, or husband, or wife and see if God is not whispering His

greatness to you.

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