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I work at a cemetery and many of the families that I come into daily contact with are the spouses or children of those who have reached old age.  I will hit that mark, that “old number” of 65 myself in six months.  Of course, I can remember when I thought being a teenager was old; then those in their 20’s and 30’s, 40’s… 50’s and now that I am halfway through my sixties, I don’t see 60 as being old.  In fact, I met a man the other day who is 84 who I thought was maybe…MAYBE…60.

My point?  Age is a state of mind.  I have known people that are in their 90’s who are as sharp as a tack and people who are 40 who seem old.  Except for seeing the older face in the mirror, and a few aches and pains that I didn’t used to have, I feel like I am still young.  In my mind I can still hit 20 foot jump shots but just recently, while shooting baskets with one of our excellent grounds-men at Calumet Park Cemetery, the foul line was about my limit as far as popping an outside shot.  In my mind I still jump and release, but the guys were laughing as they said it would have been hard to slip a sheet of paper under my feet as my vertical leap can now be measured in centimeters.

At first I didn’t like being called old.  But, with the nice movie discounts I’m offered at the local movie theater, I’m ok with my age.  After all, it is just a number.  I gotta go…I just got one of those I-phones and I have a nice app that tells me what’s playing at the IMAX.  So, be young and, my-oh-my, with my eyes closed I can smell hot popcorn.


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