Cremation options in NW Indiana…


Some of the questions that families have regarding cremation:

What is involved in a simple, direct cremation?

Is embalming necessary for a cremation?

What are my choices if I don’t want the cheapest or the most expensive cremation?

What makes for a cheap versus an expensive cremation?

Why would I want to do any more than the basic?

Can I have a viewing and a visitation even though my dad wanted to cremated?

What do I do with the ashes when I don’t want to take them home?

What choices do you have for permanent placement and memorialization?

Do I need an urn?

urn set up

The questions can go on and on.  Usually, the answer to one question prompts more questions.  Our recommendation is to sit with one of our Family Service Counselors on a pre-need basis and get the facts.  There is no obligation to gather information, and you may take comfort by learning all that is involved when cremation is chosen.

One of the most important questions for many people – “Is cremation right for me?”  Cremation should be discussed with the entire family as the process is irreversible.

Call 219-769-8803  to set up a free, no obligation consultation with one of our no-pressure counselors.  You can click to other articles in this blog or go to for information on all the services and products offered by Calumet Park.

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