Are you kidding me? Who’s gonna do that?


Imagine this scenario.  You go into a new car dealership tomorrow.  You sit down with a salesman and you tell him or her that you want to buy a car and you have $25,000 cash in an envelope.  You will agree to give them the cash now but your condition is that you don’t want to take delivery on your new car for ten years. And, you want the current model at the time you choose to take possession.  For instance, you want to give them $25,000 today and when you walk into their door in the year 2023, you will want to be able to pick up a 2023 car, not a 2013 model.

Thus, “Are you kidding me?  Who’s gonna do that?” or something less polite will be your answer to such a proposition.

Well, there’s your first reason why you should consider pre-arranging for your cemetery and funeral needs.  We will do exactly that…we will help you arrange exactly what you want as your final goodbye and you can pay for it in 2013 dollars.  If you don’t need to make use of your arrangements for 10 years, or 20 or 50, you will never pay another dollar and the savings to your family will get bigger and bigger the longer you live.

Reason number two as to why you should pre-arrange is that you can make arrangements with Calumet Park for a small down payment and monthly payments for up to 60 months with zero interest.   Who is going to lend you money for free?  Seriously, who?   When you wait until you need it, cemetery and funeral arrangements must be paid for on a cash basis.  After all, a cemetery or funeral home can’t send mom or dad back to you if you don’t “pay up”.  Don’t pay your house or car payments, they take your house and car back and don’t refund a penny of your money.

A third reason for considering pre-arrangements is the opportunity to make cemetery and funeral arrangements together.  As a married person, think of all the decisions you have made together throughout your lifetime.  I can’t tell you how many times the following phrase has been overheard at a funeral luncheon:  do you think she would have liked the service (or casket etc.)?  The only one that can tell you what they like or would have wanted is the person you are married to.  Give each other the chance to do that by deciding together.

For single people, who will take care of things when you are gone?  If you don’t tend to them yourself, then you are shifting the responsibility to someone else.  Sure, they will handle things, and sure, they will help out of love for you, but is it their responsibility?  And could they afford to pay for a funeral.  Ask the person who would be in charge if they could write a check right now for $10,000 for your funeral.  In fact, could you write a check right now for your funeral?

Reality checks hurt, don’t they?

A fourth reason to consider preplanning is to conserve your insurance and let it be used for the reasons you bought it for in the first place.  Life insurance is actually for those left behind.  It’s not called death insurance.  Insurance is meant to replace lost income and let those you love continue their lives in the style and manner that you helped them be accustomed to while you were alive.

One of the most important reasons for planning ahead is to avoid emotional overspending.  Sometimes out of guilt, but mostly out of love, people tend to overspend on funerals when they must meet with a funeral director immediately following the loss of a loved one.  By having things arranged, your survivors will accept all of your decisions at face value as you are the one that picked out the casket.  You are the one that decided on the kind of funeral service you wanted.  You are the one who decided on cremation, or burial, or entombment.  Pre-arranging amounts to a declaration of your right to have exactly what you want.

Peace of mind has a great deal of merit.  To feel the peace that one experiences knowing that everything is done in the manner desired and at the price you want to pay is worth a great deal.  Leaving your loved ones with the knowledge that you got exactly what you wanted is worth overcoming your fears or superstition.  It is a wonderful gift to leave behind…a gift that won’t be appreciated until the time of need is upon your family.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about pre-planning, call 769-8803 and remember to find us on facebook at mycalumetpark, and if you are a veteran, Calumet Park Cemetery and Funeral Chapel has a very special program designed just for you that may save you over $5000.

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