I think it is such a waste of money…

Out to dinner with some friends recently, I was asked how business was.  I said it was a little slow because there is so much uncertainty in the economy lately.  Her response was that she thought funerals were such a waste of money.

The fact is the actual cost of a funeral does not really play into the equation for most families, unless you just don’t have any money.  If it did, people would be flocking to Calumet Park Funeral Chapel at their time of need.  The cost of a funeral at Cal Park is way below the cost of a funeral at most of our competitors.

I told her to compare the cost of a funeral to the cost of a wedding.  Think about a wedding dress.  It is worn once and then put in a closet forever.  And yet, a bride just has to have the perfect dress.  When it is said that a casket is too expensive, my answer is “in relation to what?”

The fact is, as Dr. Phil likes to say, “It’s not about you!”

Funerals are a chance for families and friends to come together in support of each other.  They offer the opportunity to acknowledge that a death has occurred and that the loved one is never coming home again, and it is chance to celebrate the life that was lived.  There will be lots of time to grieve after the funeral.

Call now at 219-769-8803 to get your questions answered.  Calumet Park has programs that can be arranged pre-need at zero interest for up to 60 months.  For more info, go to calumetparkcemetery.com

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