Every day is mother’s day, and father’s day, and kid’s day and on and on and on…

In my many years working in the death care field, the one truth I have learned is to appreciate those important people in your life…every day.  As simplistic as it may sound, God has His plans for each of us, and He does not consult with us regarding when He is going to rip a mom or a dad or a child or a spouse from any of our lives.

Imagine going to work on a Monday morning with the knowledge that your “customers” are, for the most part, there to see you because someone died.  Work at an ice cream parlour and everyone you meet is happy.  Work at a cemetery or a funeral home and nobody is.  So, during this time of year when mothers are honored, and veterans are saluted at cemeteries across this nation, go to the important people in your life and give them a hug…just because.

In fact, when was the last time you told your child or your husband or wife or brother or sister or parents that they are special and that you want to thank them for being a part of your life?  If you did give a hug lately, then you know the good feeling you give and that you receive with just a simple touch or a kind word.  If you have not involved yourself in such acts of love, try it.  You may find that it is a habit worth nurturing.
To all mother’s out there, happy Mother’s Day.

And to all families of veterans that have had their last hurrah, thank you all for your unselfish dedication and sacrifices for your nation.

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