Why would you go someplace that charges interest?

If you don’t have $10-$15,000 to pay cash for your funeral, stop in to talk with one of our expert, knowledgeable family service counselors.  Calumet Park has payment programs on a pre-need basis that allow for payments for as long as 60 months and you will never pay a penny of interest.  In fact, there are no credit checks or credit turn-downs at Calumet Park on any pre-need purchases.   You can

design your final goodbye the way you would like it to be, from simple to a big goodby party and everything in between.  It costs nothing to look.  We will be able to give you some options that you may never have thought possible, and we can make it affordable.

Calumet Park has graves from free (who doesn’t like free?) to graves priced at over $17,000 each.  Really?  $17,000? Like you hear in real estate…location-location-location.

Take some time and look back at many of the articles and photos of Calumet Park Cemetery and Funeral Chapel in this blog.  We have options for every pocket book.  You can afford to use one of the nicest cemeteries in the country, especially if you elect to set things up on payments.

You can make your exact wishes known, freeze the price (protection against future inflation), and spare your loved ones from having to make these difficult decisions…alone.

Go to our website at calumetparkcemetery.com or call now for a free tour of our cemetery and funeral chapel.  In fact, we invite you to look at a number of cemeteries to help you judge which one is the place you would want your loved ones to visit after your passing.  We are not looking for you to be in a hurry to use your grave spaces…it is just a fact that it is better to have them and not need them rather than need them and not have them.

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