Right of disposition … or, who is allowed to authorize a burial?

There is an order of priority in the State of Indiana that must be adhered to by any cemetery wishing to comply with all the laws governing the cemetery industry.  An order of priority means, simply stated, the person who has the right to authorize the final disposition of human remains.  Disposing of remains sounds so cold and uncaring, so let’s substitute the more common vernacular by asking the question, “Who has the right, in the eyes of  Indiana lawmakers, to authorize a burial or a cremation of human remains?”

The answer is shown below:

If you have any questions regarding who is allowed to do what in your circumstances, call us at 219-769-8803 and we will be happy to sit with you and answer all of your questions.   There are times that the questions of who has the right to do what is so ambiguous that we might require a court order before proceeding with a committal service.  If you do not fall into a clear-cut category as shown on the Order of Priority, call us at once before you have a need to help eliminate added stress at the worst time of your life…a time when a death has occurred and then be asked to go get a court order and prove your case before a probate judge.

For more info on advance planning of final arrangements, go to calumetparkcemetery.com

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