Happy New Year to all…

2012: Wow, it seems like we just rang in 2011. Can you believe that Y2K was 12 years ago? It is a sign of getting older when you can remember what you were doing back then but can’t remember what you got for Christmas this year, and from whom?

So, its a new year…so what? For some, life will go on unchanged unless something outside themselves pushes and shoves…illness, or accident…job loss or lottery win. For others, the new year will trigger a desire to wipe the slate clean and start again. Perhaps weight loss is a goal. What better time to start than with a clean calendar in front of you? Or, stop smoking or start caring a little more about someone or something besides yourself?

It is a new year. The possibilities are endless. Pick something that is important to you and do it for 21 days. The people that study such things claim it takes just that much time to develop a new habit. I have found that it takes 21 consecutive days, so if you fall, get up…dust yourself off…and start another 21 days.

Time tends to pass so quickly, and before you know it, I will be saying happy new year to the year 2013. How many new and good habits will you have developed during the next 364 days? It is truly up to you, you know. You get to decide to be a certain weight, or to do your job a certain way, or to help others. I have a couple of habits that I would like to replace with new and healthier ones that will make me a better person. I will let you know on December 31, 2012 how it went.

Until then, happy and healthy new year to you all, and I hope love and peace fill your life this year.

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