American Idol and America’s Got Talent and the 99.9% of the world with no political agenda

I was recently watching some of the wonderfully talented people in this country on both American Idol and America’s Got Talent on my computer.  As usually happens when one surfs the net, I was prompted to see talent from England’s Got Talent, and before long, I became

aware of the fact that these two shows have versions in just about every country that has television.

Yes, there are remarkably talented people all over the world, but what caught my attention, when listening to the little snippets of many of the contestant’s lives, a common theme seemed to evolve…at least for me.  It seems that the people trying out for these shows, and the judges, and the audiences, are regular people living their day to day lives as we do in this country.

There was no propaganda, no slogans, no hidden agenda’s that I could see.  Regardless of the language being spoken or the country they were from, it appeared that the world is full of people who would love to get up each day, go to work, love their families and laugh without the interference of their government officials, elected or not.

It is shameful the way that a handful of politicians and supposed leaders of cities, states, and countries intrude in the lives of all of the people of the world.  It almost seems that this small contingent of people who supposedly make laws for the good of the people don’t really care about the people they represent.  I would bet you could go to any citizen of any country on the planet and discover that their concerns are very similar.  We all want food, shelter, transportation, water,  and opportunities to better ourselves without government intervention and limitations.

We all want to love and be loved, to care about our fellow-man and know that they care about us.  We see it when a natural tragedy hits.  People make the difference.  People come to the rescue.    People are great.  It just makes me wonder what happens to our friends, family and neighbors when they taste a little power.  It would appear that power is a drug, and like heroin, it seems that the drug is all that matters.

So, look for yourself.  Go to your computer and type in American Idol and watch from the perspective of being an observer of human behavior.  Then, consider writing to your representative with the thought of repealing some of the laws that are hindering the masses in the quest for  life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I am not asking for a hand out.  I am only asking that my hand not be chopped off, metaphorically speaking, every time I reach for my wallet.  Think what the economy of the world would be like if we all got to keep more of the money that we work hard for.  Believe me, we would all be willing to spend if we had it to spend.  Such a simple concept, if only our elected officials could see past their own self-interests.  Ah, it’s fun to dream…

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