Free……who doesn’t like “free”?

Who doesn’t like free?  When we see a sign that says free, we stop to look.  Free what?  Puppies?  Kittens?  Firewood?  Graves?



We shop, we spend, we want sales and we love free stuff.  Strange though, when we put ads in the paper for free graves, the response is negligible.  Considering we flock to stores that let you buy one, get one free to save $30 or $40, why would

everyone not bust down our doors to get a free grave on a pre-need basis or if you are a veteran that should cost you $900?

It would be a  mystery to me, except for the fact that none of us want to talk about death and dying, especially our own.  We buy all kinds of insurance for things that might happen, such as homeowners insurance against fire and theft.

We buy insurance for our cars, our health, our valuables against theft but few of us are willing to go with a sure thing – owning a grave space at Northwest Indiana’s most beautiful

memorial park since it is absolute that we will one day need it.  And if, by some crazy change in the laws of nature that lets you live forever, what would you be out except for a little of your time when you stop in to get your free grave and learn about all the other expenses involved in final arrangements.  You might consider final arrangements to be part of your estate planning.

Basically, I can give you a short version of what a meeting with a cemetery pre-need family service counselor will provide you with:  information that might scare you at how much it costs to die, and a way to take the “scare” out of the equation!

Nobody likes the price of gas, but we need it so we pay.  If you don’t like the idea of $4.00 a gallon for gas, how do you feel about spending $900 more than you need to on your final arrangements just because you felt now is not the right time to look into the matter?

Feel free to stop in and get your free grave and you will get something worth more than the $900 you will save…you will get an education about all that is involved in making cemetery and funeral arrangements and how you can be the one in control.  Call 219-769-8803 or go to for more info.

An even better starting point would be to scroll down through the archives as there are many, many articles (over 80 as of this writing) that may answer many of your questions about this morbid subject.  Once you have “smarts” about the topic, you may discover that it is not so morbid and the information may help you to help yourself in motivating yourself to look into a program for you and your family.

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