Patriot Guard Riders…who are they? What do they do?

Patriot Riders takes us on a solemn journey astride thundering motorcycles to the sometimes silent, sometimes
turbulent funerals of young soldiers killed in action. The film follows the men and women of the Patriot Guard Riders,

a group of motorcyclists originally formed to protect grieving families from members of the Westboro Baptist Church
who gather at military funerals to harass families for allowing their sons and daughters to serve.

Outraged by the hate emanating from this fringe group and sympathetic to the families at the most tragic time of their lives, the
motorcyclists escort fallen soldiers from the airfield to the burial grounds, where they form a protective shield around the bereaved families. Amazingly,
this small volunteer group of motorcyclists has grown to 200,000 in just five years.

Patriot Riders tells the story of this growing movement: who it attracts, how it interacts with the military, and how the
families feel being supported by such a non-traditional alliance of patriots. The film underscores a tragic truth:  Soldiers are dying and families are
suffering. At the same time, Patriot Riders reveals an unlikely but powerful bond between the riders and the grieving families.

Their poignant and heart-felt stories chronicle the emergence of a new kind of patriotism in
America.   As one Patriot Guard Rider says on camera:  “you don’t have to be religious or be an atheist to be in the PGR. You
can be a hawk or a dove. You don’t have to be a vet. Heck, you don’t even have to ride a motorcycle.” Patriot Riders is a film about fellowship, about
community, about veterans, about the effects of war on the home front, about riding, about what it means to be an American.

This story is taken from the Patrio Guard Story website.  You can go to that site and watch a 5 minute video that may change your mind about “those guys on bikes”.  Go to

For more information should you have a need to be sheltered from such hate groups, call 219-769-8803 or ask your Calumet Park Funeral Director for help.  Such hate is not tolerable, and Calumet Park Cemetery only needs your request to insure that your fallen loved one will be honored as the hero he or she truly is.

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