4. Why do we put off making decisions in this area of our estate planning?

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As you can see, the page opens with a simple truth:  “Ironically, most of us prepare for the things that may never happen, and ignore the one thing that is sure to happen to each of us.”

A simple question that puzzles people until they are embarrassed upon hearing the answer is this, “What is the death rate in your city or town?”  Before you get out your calculators or I-phones to see if there is an app for this question, I’ll give you the answer.  The death rate, no matter where you live, is 100%.  We are all going to die one day.

     We carry insurance on all the things that might happen in this life, as you can see on the presentation page, but few of us are prepared for this absolute.  The simple question to ask yourself is “Why?”.  Why do we not face this issue head-on and make our choices, pay for them in today’s dollars, and never look back?

It can’t be because of  superstition or we wouldn’t buy all the other insurances that we do.

Superstition would dictate that if we bought homeowners insurance, our house would burn down or we would be robbed.  If we bought car insurance we could count on having an accident.  Health insurance…life insurance…you could go on and on but it is readily clear to any half-way intelligent person that washing a car does not make it rain nor does pre-arranging ones cemetery and funeral needs cause one to die.

The answer is quite simple as you will see on our next installment of this primer on pre-need.  The answer as to why we do not make arrangements before the time of need will be found in page 5 of this study.

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