3. Planning is part of living…

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The point of this page in your collection of evidence as to why a family should consider pre-needing cemetery and funeral arrangements is quite simply this:  we all plan already, at least the important events of our lives.

Consider the amount of planning that goes into putting together a wedding.  All of the details and expenses are really quite amazing, and all the effort have a great payout as a couple comes together in their promise to love, honor and respect each other through good times and bad.

We then plan our families.  Heck, now days you can just about plan the sex of your children.  I believe it should be left up to God and nature, but that is not the point of this study.  The point is we plan these things in our lives.  Once we have kids, we plan birthdays and vacations and education and our own retirement.  I don’t know many people who wake up one sunny day to realize it is their vacation and what should they do?  We plan the time, the places we will go to, how we will get there, what we will do once there, and when we will come home.

I believe you get the point.  Important events need planning to have at least a chance for them to go the way we would like them to go.  But, planning for death?  That tends to frighten many of us and our great plan is to let death come and we will deal with it then.   The fact is, by not prearranging one’s funeral, you still put a plan on the table.  The plan becomes:  let someone else handle it!

As you will see on page 4 of this primer, it is ironic that most of us prepare for the things that may never happen, and ignore the one thing that is sure to happen to each of us…we are all going to die at some time, and it is our responsibility to make our wishes known and to pay to have those wishes to be executed.

See the next installment for more regarding this area of your education:  4.  Why do we put off making decisions in this area of our estate planning?

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