2. Six areas of immediate concern following a death…

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To help with organizing your personal information, Calumet Park Cemetery and Funeral Chapel has a free gift for your family.  It is a Family Estate Planning Kit.  When it is filled out completely, it will be one of the most valuable possessions you will leave behind for your loved ones when your time has come to leave this Earth.   This 10 page booklet will

allow you to totally organize important papers that will be needed at the time of death.  It provides information about both a basic will and a living will, with information on veteran’s benefits and social security benefits, along with the information you will need in order to receive these benefits.  You will receive basic information on organ donation, life insurance policies – their existence and where they are kept, and who to contact.

This booklet allows space for you to record your financial profile, from bank accounts to retirement accounts, stocks, bonds, money market accounts and the like.

There is a page for both a husband and a wife that will provide all the data necessary to file a death certificate, and without a death certificate, you will have difficulty liquidating assets such as selling any asset with a title:  cars, boats, stocks, houses etc.

Finally, this book contains space for a husband and wife to list their funeral preferences which will help the person assigned the task to make your final arrangements based on your desires; not the wishes of someone with different interests.

Basically, this booklet offers a means to get everything in order and to prearrange a funeral up to the point of actually paying for what you would like.  The only difference in having this book filled out and not having a contract for the goods and services needed to make those choices real for you is the locking in of prices to prevent your family from ever spending a penny more than you want them to.  It also insures the fact that your wishes will actually be carried out.  Call for details or go to our website for more information at calumetparkcemetery.com

Number 3 in this series will be “Planning is part of living…”

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