1. A question that nobody likes to ask…

As time goes by, you will find pages from Calumet Park Cemetery and Funeral Chapel’s basic presentation book that is used for pre-need meetings with families.  As you view these pages, a story will evolve that will help you appreciate the benefits of prearranging your cemetery and funeral needs.  Each entry

will need to be clicked to see a page from a flip page evidence book.  The goal is to help you to educate yourself on the many elements and costs to be dealt with when making funeral arrangements.  Most can be taken care of in advance and allow you to freeze the price as of the day you sign a contract for goods and services.  From a financial perspective, prearranging becomes an investment with a non-taxable return as years go by and you see prices continue to escalate.  The savings for those who pre-need early in life (earlier anyway), can be remarkable.

Each posting that is part of this series will be numbered, as there will be other posts in-between pertaining to a variety of subjects, which should help you navigate these pre-need entries.  Please keep in mind that you can stop in or call (769-8803) at your convenience to meet with a family service counselor who will assist you with your education.  For those who feel it is a good idea to have things taken care of, you may make arrangements with a minimal down payment and monthly installments with no interest charged…ever.  So, with no further ado, let’s get started.

So, going back to a question that nobody likes to ask, “If there had been a death in your family yesterday, what would you be doing today?”  Click on the following link to start your journey along the path toward peace of mind.  You may have to  zoom out to be able to see the entire entry.

cal park preneed pres 1 question nobody likes to ask

After viewing, return to this page to receive additional commentary on the page just viewed.

By the way, we show a lady here because cemetery and funeral records show that 70% of the time men die first, and the overwhelming numbers of decisions that must be made in the days following a death are usually left to be made by a widow and her children.

We could just as easily have a husband’s picture here because, as we all know, statistics don’t hold much water when looked at individually.   In some instances, wives die first and other times, husbands precede their wives in death.  It has been found that women are a little tougher than men when it comes to dealing with the emotions of death, but a simple walk through a cemetery on Veterans Day or Memorial Day will show that women tend to live longer than their husbands.

The point of this page is to help people, especially men who think they are invincible, to admit that God has His own time table regarding our demise, and it seldom matches what we would like it to be.  Everyday, the obituaries are filled with those poor souls who never expected their names to be in the paper the next day.

This is not meant to depress anyone, but to open all of our eyes to the fact that death comes in all forms and at any age, from sudden death syndrome to heart attacks to car accidents to victims of violence and on and on forever.  Believe it or not, some people, but men in particular, tell us that they are too young to die, as though their wish to live a long and happy lifetime is a given.

Almost nobody wants to consider their own death, let alone making arrangements for that evenuality.  But please remember, when you die, your problems are over.  However, for those left behind, the loss means so much:  half or more of the family income gone, loss of a friend, a partner, a lover, a parent-sibling-child-etc., a confidant, ….. you get the picture.  So, knowing all of this, why would we not do all that is within our power to prevent those we love from having to figure out what we would have wanted our final goodbye to look like, or how they would pay for such of a catastrophic event?

Entry 2 of this series will be entitled “Six areas of immediate concern following a death…”

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