Oprah’s last words from her last show “To God be the glory”…..

     Thank you from all of your fans.  You brought joy and laughter, tears, understanding and love to millions, and we thank you.  In the past 25 years, you became a something of a ‘Dear Abbey’ in a live, video format as people tuned in to share over 4000 hours of their lives with you and your guests as you covered so many important issues.  You took the subjects that all of humanity faces, from entertainment to troubles of the heart, and everything in between, and helped us all to laugh and to cry and to face our fears.  You gave from your heart and enlightened so many souls, and you will be missed, even by all the closet (mostly men who were in denial)  Oprah fans who pretended not to watch, but who looked forward to so many of the topics that you brought to the forefront of our collective minds.  We’ll miss you, and we want you to know that life on this planet is a little better because of you and will be a little diminished because of the ending of your show.  Again, thank you Oprah, and let us pray in unison…to God be the glory!

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