What is the death rate in NW Indiana and why should you care?

     It is amazing how most of us buy insurance for things that might happen.  If you have a house, you most likely have homeowners insurance.  Has your house ever burned to the ground?  Has a burglar ever pulled a truck up to your place and completely cleaned you out?  Yet, you have been paying your homeowner’s insurance for years.  In fact, if you

have a mortgage, the bank requires that you have homeowners insurance.   The same goes for car insurance, travel insurance, health insurance and the big excuse for not prearranging one’s funeral and cemetery needs…life insurance.

     We will all spend tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars in our lifetimes for protection against loss for something that might happen.  The only that will absolutely be needed at some time is life insurance, because the answer to the question of “What is the death rate in NW Indiana is the same as it is anywhere on the planet – it is 100%”.  There is no doubt in any of our minds that we will one day die, and hopefully our insurance will be in place when that day comes.

     I can tell you from personal experience while working for so many years in the death care field:  many survivors who counted on their life insurance to see them through the final expenses of their loved one, and beyond, were deeply saddened when they discovered they did not have insurance.  And that is why you should care.  We pay our insurance premiums for years, and when hard times hit, we tend to let our insurance go.  Or, we outlive the term that the insurance was designed to protect us for.  Many people over 65 think they have life insurance, but when a death occurs, it turns out that their term insurance ended at 65.  There are countless reasons why insurance is not there when we need it, but it is a fact that a lot of people scramble around looking for money to pay for a funeral when they thought they had insurance.

     At Calumet Park Cemetery and Funeral Chapel, we can help you with your cemetery and funeral arrangements using our no-interest monthly payment program.  You can take care of all that will be needed, or piece it together over a number of years until all is  paid for.  Prearranging freezes prices and provides protection of your assets.  Once you have your arrangements decided upon, and you set up a program that fits your budget, you will see a light at the end of a very dark tunnel regarding cemetery and funeral costs. There are no credit applications to fill out.  There are no credit turn-downs.  Everyone over 18 who is capable of making legal decisions is approved.  For those who don’t like monthly payments, we are an old fashioned company at heart…we still take cash!

     The fact is that you can conserve your life insurance so it will be used for the purpose for which you bought it to begin with…to let your family have at least a chance at living their lives without you without the added burden that lack of money causes.  When you die…when either a husband or wife pass away, a big chunk of family income is gone.  Having life insurance in place when that day comes is an opportunity to provide for those you love.  The proceeds from your insurance is not meant to pay for your funeral.  It would be called death insurance if that were the case.  Life insurance will help the living maintain the lifestyle that you worked so hard to give them while you were alive.  I do not believe you would intentionally take that away by having them spend a big chunk of your insurance on your final goodbye.

     There are so many other benefits to prearranging, and if you look at some of the other posts in this blog/Facebook/Twitter you will understand why so many people quietly stop by to see if prearranging is right for them.  I will tell you this, I have never had a family who prearranged their cemetery and funeral needs come in at the time of need and tell me that they regretted having everything “bought and paid for” before they needed it.

     So, since the death rate for all of us is 100%, wouldn’t it be wise to take us up on our offer of giving you a free education in all that is involved in providing this wonderful gift for your family?  Call 219-0769-8803 or email me at dmoran@calumetparkcemetery.com and set up a time to at least look into a program that will fit your budget.  Nobody is going to high pressure you.

     Believe me, high pressure is when you come in on the day you need to make arrangements and suffer a second shock to your system when you find out how much dying costs.  Only you can stop inflation.  Only you can choose exactly what you want your funeral to look like.  Only you can remove this difficult assignment from your survivors.  Don’t procrastinate and become a bad statistic…one of those people who could have done something to spare others higher costs in both arranging a funeral and the greater cost of discovering that they cannot afford to give you the kind of send off that you wanted and that you deserved.

     The bottom line is this, give the gift of true peace of mind to those you love and find the courage to act – now!  Thank you for considering our program, but even if you think you will use a different cemetery or funeral home, then go there and prearrange.  Your family is counting on you to do the right thing.

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