Sharing is a good thing…pass it on….

          If you find that the posts  at mycalumetpark are informative, please pass them on to a friend.  We all need educating in the area of planning a funeral and making cemetery arrangements.  The articles are meant to inform and they are written for each and every reader to absorb, to understand and to help you ask the right questions if and when you are the person who has the role of deciding on someone’s final arrangements. 

     You may even decide that it is time for you to prearrange your own

family’s cemetery and funeral needs.   If you find one of the articles in this blog helps you in some way, it will probably help someone else too.  Give your friends and family the opportunity to learn.  It is possible to eliminate many of the fears we have about the funeral process simply by reading a few of these posts. 

     The artwork shown above is from and it hit me that death does not concern itself with what color we are.  When your time has come, according to the timetable of a higher power, your time has come.  When we gather after the fact and fill all the word balloons shown above with idle chat, and when those who had to pay for a funeral and cemetery arrangements talk about the high cost of dying, it is too late to do much more than complain and to pay, no matter the cost.  Maybe, just maybe, you can truly help some of the people that you friend on Facebook by sharing some of the articles and pictures shown at mycalumetpark. 

     The average cost of a funeral, including cemetery arrangements, is somewhere in the neighborhood of $12-$15,000.  Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have some understanding of all that you get for your money, now, before you “have” do something because someone important to you has passed on?  What if you or your loved one is a veteran?  Calumet Park Cemetery has a tremendous program designed to help our veterans who have been honorably discharged from the military.  Since this program has been in effect (March of 2010), we have had a number of families tell us that they wish they would have known about our program before they used xyz funeral home or cemetery.  They could have saved thousands of dollars and been in a beautiful veteran section with their comrades-in-arms.

    So, if you like what you see at mycalumetpark (Facebook/Twitter), please link us to your friends so they, too, can learn how to deal with this subject when it becomes more than theory in their own life.  I often ask people if they know the death rate here in NW Indiana.  They almost all stop, weigh demographics against actuarial tables  and  make a guess, or just sit there with a blank stare and wait for my answer.  My answer is the same, whether I should be in NW Indiana, Florida, California or Hong Kong.  The death rate is 100%!  We are all going to die one day.  Having a certain degree of knowledge will prevent your being taken advantage of on the worst day of your life.  So, please give the gift of knowledge to those you love and care about.

     So, share please, share (click here to visit our website!)

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