Maybe a private mausoleum is right for you…..

The private mausoleum shown is in place and ready for use at Calumet Park Cemetery.   This private mausoleum on a private estate lot that also has space for six ground burials may be the ideal final resting place for your family.  The price has been greatly reduced (25% discount – was $85,023.10…now only $63,767.33) as a Memorial Day special promotion.

This crypt, known as “the Scott” by the manufacturer, was put in place just as the economy was shifting.  The family service department has always had inquiries about private estates, but always at the time of

need.  Since it can take as much as six months to a year from the date of ordering a private mausoleum, few at-need families want to wait, nor do they want to have to transfer the body of their loved one when their order is delivered and set in place for entombments.  It was felt if we had a private mausoleum available, it would sell.

The “Scott” is the perfect choice for families that want to be together, but a couple of them want crypts while the rest of the family wants traditional ground burial.  The person or family who invests in this beautiful property will be allowed to work with our grounds superintendent in the design of the landscaping around the  mausoleum.  In fact, using the entire lot for a husband and wife in the crypts without a need for the surrounding land as a place to inter anyone would allow a very creative landscape design that would make the property absolutely unique and beautiful by using different types of plants and flowers that warms the heart when visiting a loved one.

There are a number of private mausoleums within Calumet Park Cemetery, from walk-in designs to single, double and quadruple set -ups.  If you have an interest in having a clean, dry, permanent, dignified and affordable alternative to ground burial, call 219-769-8803 or email Daniel Moran at

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