How we got started…..

Fred R. Vogel (c) and Fr. John J. Lach (r)

     In 1926, Fr. John Lach, Fred Vogel, Elmer W. Barth and Stephen Kovacik had a dream of providing a service to the community that was not readily available to all of its citizens.  At that time in history, a particular church had a cemetery and would not
allow people from other parishes to be buried in their church cemetery.  Fr. Lach was discussing the matter with some friends and they decided the solution was to start their own cemetery. 
     The vision of providing a park-like cemetery in a natural setting with rolling hills, ponds and trees that reflected seasonal changes that could be used by all denominations came to fruition in 1928.  On May 1 of that year, under the Articles of Incorporation filed in the office of the Secretary of State, Calumet Park Cemetery was born. 
     The original land purchase was for 96 acres, which has been added to over the past 83 years and now encompasses over 400 acres of beautiful land that offers peace to all who enter.  Originally, only ground burials were allowed.  Over the past eight plus decades, Calumet Park has added  community mausoleums, private mausoleums, cremation columbariums, a number of cremation choices to meet anyone’s needs, a veteran’s section with special benefits provided to all honorably discharged veterans from Calumet Park, different religious sections and more.  In 1938 a bell tower was erected that plays chimes to welcome the arrival of a funeral cortege.  A fountain has been added to the pond with a small bridge crossing over a stream at the north end.
     In 2004, Calumet Park Cemetery Corporation added a funeral chapel to accomodate the needs of its patrons, and a crematory on the premises added a number of years before makes Calumet Park Cemetery and Funeral Chapel a full-service facility that can handle the needs of any family.  Since Calumet Park owns it all, pricing has become attractive and affordable, especially when a family learns that they can make their arrangements in advance of need and make affordable monthly payments; interest free.  In fact, there is currently a program in place that allows any family not affiliated with any cemetery to have one free grave space to get them started.
     The organization is now managed by the third and fourth generation and continues to run the business the old fashioned way, with honesty and integrity, offering excellent goods and sevices at a fair price. 
     Visit us at for more info, and look at other posts in this blog/facebook to get a feel for how the original founders dreams have matured and have attained their original goal of having Calumet Park Cemetery to be the cemetery of choice in the region.

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