There’s nothing to be afraid of…

Meeting with one of our Family Service Counselors to talk about prearranging a funeral will do quite the opposite…it will take away many of your fears.  These people are not fast talking, blue suede shoe, high pressure sales people trying to part you from your money.  The people that you will visit with  are

regular people who answered an ad for a job one day and were hired for the position.   They come from all walks of life and different backgrounds.  They were attractive to us as employees due to a common denominator … a desire to make a decent living while using their greatest talent … helping their fellow man.  It sounds trite to say this since isn’t that what every Miss America candidate prides herself in … her desire to help people?  In the case of Calumet Park, you will experience the sincerity after just a few minutes of sitting down with one of our counselors.

     Most fears are questions waiting for answers, and when the answers come, the fears quite often disappear.

     When you decide it is time to take care of this part of your estate planning (final arrangements), stop in or call to set an appointment.  You will be welcomed to our office.  You will be offered a beverage.  You will be recieve an education on all that is involved in making funeral and cemetery arrangements, and you will be able to ask all the questions that ever popped into your mind but were either afraid to ask, or did not know whom to ask.  You will be able to design your own funeral to look like you want it to.  It may be as elaborate as you desire or as simple as you wish.  If you do not already own burial rights at Calumet Park Cemetery, we will give you one free grave on a preneed basis, or if you are a veteran, or if your plan was to cremate and never place your loved one in a permanent resting place.  Your counselor will explain these programs.

     Once you get a chance to be made aware of all the possibilities, and once you decide what you would want for yourself, we will give you a price.  For who knows what reason, prices in this business average between 8-10% increase per year, so you will get a good feel as to what the price might look like at any time in the future once you have a starting point with today’s prices.

     The possibilities:  burial in the ground with a monument, or burial in a flush memorial section, or cremation placement (several different choices at Calumet Park), entombment in your own private mausoleum or in one of our community mausoleums.  You can get a grave for free or you can get one for up to $17,500 and everything in-between.  As in real estate, prices depend on location-location-location. 

     If you decide you would like to start a program with just your basic grave spaces, or prearrange all that may be needed to fulfill your idea of a good “send-off”, our Family Service staff will be glad to help you.  We are an old fashioned company in that we still take cash, but we can set up pre-need programs on a monthly basis with no interest … ever!  At the time of death, or as the industry calls it, the time of need, it is always cash.

     Death itself is frightening.  It is painful to the loved ones left behind.  Certain fears are partners of death – fear of being alone, of loss, of what the future will hold, of money and security and on and on.  However, a simple visit with a Family Service Counselor can alleviate many of the fears that are attached to dying, at least as a death relates to what has to be done immediately after a death and from a monetary perspective, what’s it going to cost.  Even more fear fills some folks as they wonder what will happen if they cannot afford to die.  Nutty, but people come to us, on some occasions, with no money at all and expect us to handle things.

     So, set aside an hour or two and meet with us.  Oddly, many people say they don’t have time.  I say oddly as this is one of the largest purchases one will every make.  So many of us won’t  devote a couple of hours to look into prearranging when we are alive, well, healthy and able to make better decisions than those poor folks who show up and throw themselves at our mercy when death is suddenly upon them.   They could have set up a program that was affordable, that froze prices, that took away the pressure of “having to decide”,  and that let them have exactly what they wished.

     Prearrangements are one of the most wonderful expressions of love that we can give to our families.  Your family will not appreciate the thoughtfulness and concern you had for them until the time of need.  It is a gift of love, and only you can bestow this gift on those you care about.   

     Spend a little time now and you, too, will discover that there is truly nothing to be afraid of when it comes to prearranging your funeral services and cemetery needs with us.  Visit us at

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