You said you would call…

     It wasn’t that long ago that lawmakers deemed it necessary to make telemarketing all but illegal.  By developing “do not call” lists it is possible for people to register and not be bothered by those pesty telemarketers. 

     I remember years ago when I had my own company, we depended heavily on the telephone to help us develop prospects.  There were a number of people that did not want to be bothered with intrusive phone calls, and you said you would call if you wanted to buy anything…but you didn’t!       As a result, millions of jobs were lost, from telemarketers to companies that employed them to help find people interested in their wares.  Home improvement companies, water softener companies, insurance companies, cemeteries and funeral homes and on and on would be less proactive in developing customers once telemarketing became illegal if you called anyone on the do not call list. 

     Yes, millions of people across the country are out of jobs and no longer have a paycheck to spend in local shops and restaurants, for cars, for homes, or for anything that you spend your money on when you get paid. The ripple effect was enormous, and still has an adverse effect on businesses.

     For instance, we at Calumet Park Cemetery and Funeral Chapel no longer use telemarketing as a tool to help us connect with families in NW Indiana.  We put ads in all the papers, on the radio, with churches and vet groups.  We try to get the word out that “Yes, it does cost a lot to die but you can be in control by pre-arranging.”   It seems to come as a shock to people when they are told a complete burial and funeral arrangement averages between $12,000 – $15,000 for one person. 

     Mostly the shock comes because people are so unprepared for death.  Many think that it is almost a mortal sin that they have lost someone dear to them and then they are expected to cough up thousands of dollars, all at once for the burial anf funeral.  Think of other major purchases that people experience in a lifetime:  houses (mortgagees), cars, college education, and even filling up a gas tank now days…ouch!  You have time to make these buying decisions, and you can make your choices to best serve your needs without being in a hurry.

     You said you would call, but you didn’t.  Why wait until you have little control over what you will spend when the time of need arises?  So many people have to make choices at the time of death for a loved one that is sometimes contrary to their wants, all because no money was set aside for final expenses.  Sadly, a look at the obituary pages in any paper in any city or town in this country will reveal that people die without regard to age, race, sex, creed or some other box that we try to put each other in.  People die…period. 

     If you want control over what kind of ‘goodbye’ you’d like for yourself or your loved ones, you will have to live up to your promise and call us.  We have payment programs with zero interest.  We have veteran programs that give free graves and huge savings on everythings else needed for a burial and funeral.  We will give one free grave, on a pre-need basis, to any person over 18 years of age who will call us (one to a family).  We offer a 20% loyalty discount on funeral services to people that plan on using Calumet Park Cemetery, even when your grave space is free from us.

     Why would we give stuff away?  We can’t call you, and you are reluctant to answer our ads, so we feel it makes more sense to offer a free grave worth $900, and build up heritage in our cemetery than to spend thousands of dollars on advertising that is ignored.  Let’s face it, buying cemetery property is not fun.  Everyone knows they need it, but few want to come to the office unless they have to.  It is like going to heaven:  everyone wants to get there but nobody wants to do what is necessary…and that is the common denominator.  None of us wants to die.  None of those whose name appearsed in this mornings obituary thought their name would appear there when they woke up yesterday morning.

     So, call.  We won’t pressure you.  We won’t frighten you.  We are not part of a superstician conspiracy that makes you die as soon as you prearrange.  We will educate you and let you know the many choices available today.  We will give you a snapshot of the prices for those choices, and we will help take away the fear of cemeteries and funeral directors.  We are a dedicated group of people who want to help you make an intelligent decision, save you money and give you peace of mind.  The old adage “knowledge is power” could be no more accurate than when making one’s final arrangements.  Another adage tells it like it is:  it is better to have it (cemetery property and funeral arrangements) and not need it than to need it and not have it.  Please call and let us help you help yourself:

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