Life at a cemetery…did you know?

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Did you know that life abounds within the property lines of Calumet Park Cemetery?   Besides our nature preserve that is at the north end of the cemetery with elevated bird houses and bird hotels, we have geese, raccoons, deer, squirrel, fish, turtles, rabbits, and the occasional beaver who call the cemetery home.

And trees…do we have trees!  We have over 16 specific species of trees within the park.  Over the years, schools have asked

that we let teachers bring a classroom of fresh, young minds to the cemetery and search for the many types of trees that grow here.  Since we have Rob Vogel on staff, and since his Bachelor of Science Degree from Purdue in Lafayette, Indiana is in Wildlife Science and Conservation, the birth of our tree identification program came to pass.

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Rob has attached Tree Identification Cards on 16 different kinds of trees (see map with legend of tree species shown on the bottom and where they can be found on the map) to help those who wish to take a ‘self-guided tour’.  You can stop and pick up a map at the office or print out this page and go have some fun while you walk our beautifully landscaped cemetery.  There are over 5 miles of paved roads that offer a safe place to walk or ride your bicycle.  We are open from dawn til dusk.

Rob Vogel

For any group, club  or school class that would like a free guided tour, you need only call and ask for Rob (219-769-8803).  Arrangements can even be made for a “hayride” type tour if your group is inclined to need help in getting around, whether due to either their youth or their being of a ‘seasoned’ age .
Calumet Park Cemetery is a 400 acre (160 developed) park that is peaceful, serene and beautiful.  It was planned, right from the early days way back in 1928, to be a place that families can bury their dead and visit as needed  within a quiet refuge  of rolling hills, ponds, shades of green in the summer months and splashes of color during the fall season.

     If you have never been to Calumet Park, or if you never stopped to “smell the roses” during any of your visits, you will be surprised as springtime brings to life the brilliant pinks and whites of many of the trees that decorate the cemetery in God’s natural  splendor.  Tulips are just about to bloom and are truly awesome in their vibrant colors, planted for our visitor’s enjoyment.  A variety of flowing plants and shrubs complete this place of burial and remembrance and it does help relieve some of the pain of loss for families to know that ‘their’ cemetery is watched over and cared for with their needs and wants considered.

If you have any questions regarding our “green” program that was started long before green became the ‘in’ buzz word, call us at 769-8803 or email your questions to Daniel Moran at:

For a look at all that Calumet Park Cemetery and Funeral Chapel has to offer, please visit our website at

For a slideshow that shows just a little of the flavor one may experience during a stroll through Calumet Park Cemetery, scroll down to slideshow:

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