Don’t Read This Story Unless You Love Our Flag

Bill Tuley, WWII

Take a piece of cloth, put a design on it and hang it from a pole and everyone will know enough to call it a flag.  There are flags for sports teams, and for advertising and for schools.  Put the stars and stripes on it … the red, white and blue of our country’s flag, and it becomes a symbol of freedom around the world.

The red stripes are meant to represent hardiness and valor, the white – purity and innocence, and the blue is meant to symbolize vigilance, perseverance and justice.

So many have fought and died for this symbol and all that it represents.  Our privilege of living where we want to, of going to school and working and playing and praying how and where we want to would not exist without so many brave citizens uniting under our flag throughout our history to beat back tyranny and injustice.

The U.S. soldier and sailor and airman and marine joined forces with other like minded people in making sure that this land stays free.  The flag…your flag and my flag…flies high because of the sacrifices of all who have ever gone to war, or were left behind when their loved ones went off to fight.

Soon it will be Memorial Weekend once again.  Time off of work, cookouts, baseball…ah, summer is just around the corner. This year, with so much of our military  fighting in the Mid-east, we can unite in their honor, and in the honor of all those who went before them and who made the ultimate sacrifice of giving up their life for “the flag”.

You are invited to Calumet Park Cemetery on Sunday, May 29 at 1:00 to a Veteran’s Memorial Service and Monday, May 30 at 12:30 for the Battle of the Bulge Memorial Ceremony.  For the complete Memorial Weekend schedule of events, go to


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